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Best Skills for Kagetsu in Fire Emblem Engage

Kagetsu is so good it's almost unfair to the other units

by Daphne Fama

If one unit captures a place as a permanent member of many people’s armies, it’s Kagetsu. This unit comes into Alear’s life already perfectly formed. Great growth, already in the perfect Advance Class, and powerful to boot. But can you make him even better? The answer is always yes. Here are the best skills for Kagetsu in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best Skills for Kagetsu in Fire Emblem Engage

Kagetsu, as a Swordmaster, is a unit that has exceptional speed and the ability to land critical hits. This class synergizes perfectly with his natural Dexterity, Speed, and Luck. And while he can be promoted to Paladin to get a little more Strength and Defense, it doesn’t offer the same natural harmony as Swordmaster.

Thus, this skill recommendation is purely for Swordmaster Kagetsu.

The three skills that Kagetsu must have are:

  • Perceptive (Marth Level 1): If the unit initiates combat, grants Avo+15 during combat. Avo increases with high Spd.
  • Speedtaker (Lyn Level 4): Grants a stacking Spd+2 each time unit initiates combat and defeats a foe. Bonus lasts for the rest of the battle. (Max +10).
  • Alarcity++ (Lyn Level 18): If unit initiates combat with a Spd advantage of 5 or more, unit’s follow up (if possible) occurs before foe can counterattack.

You might notice a theme in these skills. This build focuses on creating a Kagetsu that can almost always double-attack and never get hit. And with an Attack Speed like Kagetsu, his natural Avoid is already very high, meaning he’s unlikely ever to see his own blood spilled.

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This allows Kagetsu to be the aggressor and take full advantage of Speedtaker. If you’ve played with Yunaka through the early- to mid-game, Kagetsu is, in many ways, a better version of her. The only way this unit knows death is when he’s dealing it.

Can you tell that I’m a fan?

Daphne Fama

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