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Best Skills for Citrinne in Fire Emblem Engage

How to turn your blonde bombshell into a nuclear bombshell

by Daphne Fama

Citrinne has a lot going for her. She’s the cousin of the King of Brodia, she apparently has endless private islands she can get the deeds to, and she can drop a tactical nuke on anyone who looks at her the wrong way. But can she be even better? The answer is yes, of course. With the right skills. Here are the best skills for Citrinne in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best Skills for Citrinne in Fire Emblem Engage

It likely goes without saying that the best Emblem Ring for Citrinne is Celica. And Citrinne is worth that coveted band, too. Even in a game like Engage, where tome-wielders reign supreme. But if you opt not to equip Emblem Ring Celica, I’ll include her best skills for Citrinne as well.

The best skills for Citrinne are:

  • Magic +5 (Emblem Ring Celica, Level 19): Grants Mag+5.
  • Staff Mastery 5 (Emblem Ring Micaiah, Level 17): Grants Hit+30 when using a staff. Staves also heal an additional 15 HP.
  • Vantage++ (Emblem Ring Leif, Level 18): If unit’s HP is 75% or less and foe initiates combat, unit can counter before foe’s first attack.
  • Canter+ (Emblem Ring Sigurd, Level 13): Unit can move 3 spaces after acting.

It likely goes without saying, but with Citrinne, the more Magic, the better. Especially if you took my advice for Citrinne’s best class and promoted her into Mage Knight. But no matter what class you opted for, Emblem Ring Celica’s Magic +5 is ideal, because it will also allow Citrinne to grow beyond her skill cap.

Staff Mastery only serves a purpose if you opt to promote Citrinne into a Sage, as she’ll have proficiency in Staves. In general, I find that offensive staves are only so-so, especially when compared to the might of tomes. But the added addition of +15 HP healed is huge, especially in the late game when your tanks have a massive HP pool.

Vantage++ is excellent for Mage Knight, who will spend more time working along the flanks and mid-lines. But it’s also an excellent move for Sages, as it can prevent Citrinne from going into an early grave. Also, there’s a pretty decent chance that Citrinne will kill anyone who tries to touch her, which is very Girlboss of her.

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Canter+ pretty much all units benefit from Canter. But Citrinne does so especially as either a Mage Knight or Sage, as it allows her to move forward to land a hit and then retreat safely back into the nest of tanky units that she’s always in the company of.

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