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Best Class for Citrinne in Fire Emblem Engage

You like her because she's beautiful. I like her because she can incinerate a wyvern. We are not the same.

by Daphne Fama

Citrinne, in so many ways, is the Hollywood 1950’s starlet of the army. Beautiful, a firm believer in transactional relationships, and completely removed from how the rest of the world works. But Citrinne is perfectly capable of making her way through it – she can set practically anything on fire, nuking it with one shot. And that’s what we love about her. But what’s the best class for Citrinne in Fire Emblem Engage?

Best Class for Citrinne in Fire Emblem Engage

Citrinne is easily one of the best magic casters in the game, providing truly brutal damage. But she’s a glass cannon through and through. Here are her growth rates:


As for what you should class her as, you’ll likely hear Sage. This is a good option, as it does offer the following growth:

  • HP 45%
  • Mag 70%
  • Dex 30%
  • Spd 30%
  • Def 20%
  • Res 70%
  • Lck 40%

As you can see, there’s exceptional growth in Magic, which adds to her ability to absolutely devastate. But Citrinne on Mage Knight completely removes her biggest weakness: her inability to withstand any negative attention for one enemy round.

The Mage Knight is a calvary unit that will let Citrinne reposition and tank a hit, with only a small sacrifice to her magic growth. Here’s the Mage Knight growth rate on Citrinne:

  • HP 50%
  • Mag 65%
  • Dex 25%
  • Spd 35%
  • Def 30%
  • Res 65%
  • Lck 30%

As you can see, her magic growth is somewhat impacted, as is her final magic stat cap. But I found that these small downgrades were minor in the grand scheme of things, as Citrinne was still easily one-shotting enemies into the Final Chapter.

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Mage Knight offers Citrinne the ability to step into a bad position, one-shot an enemy to thin the herd, then retreat with Emblem Ring Sigurd’s Canter. And with Emblem Ring Celica, she’ll easily make up for the lost magic growth while also gaining access to Warp Ragnarök. Warp Ragnarök can be used either offensively or defensively, but as a Mage Knight, Citrinne can take advantage of the former more often.

Also, if you select Mage Knight, then your horse gets a little wizard hat. That’s instantly S-Tier.

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