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Best Recipes for Heat Resistance in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Can't stand the heat? Then get in the kitchen.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Heat Resistance TOTK

Just like the ice-cold zones found in Hyrule, there are areas that are far too hot for Link to handle on his own, and it helps to have a way to cool down before losing too much health in Tears of the Kingdom. Cooking up some great Heat Resistance recipes is one of the best ways to keep Link cool, and I’ll cover some of my personal favorites in my cooking guide. Here are the best Heat Resistance recipes in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Best Heat Resistance Recipes and Ingredients in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Two of the best Heat Resistance Recipes are the Chilly Meat and Mushroom Skewer and the Chilly Mushroom Risotto. For those who want to utilize elixirs, the Chilly Elixir is also a fantastic option you can cook up on the pot. Chillshrooms and Chillfin Trout are some of the best base ingredients for these recipes and you can find a few of my favorites below.

Best Heat Resistance Recipes in TOTK:

  • Chilly Meat and Mushroom Skewer – 3 x Chillshroom, 2 x Meat
  • Chilly Mushroom Risotto – 1 x Chillshroom, 1 x Rock Salt, 1 x Hylian Rice, 1 x Goat Butter
  • Chilly Elixir – 1 x Cold Darner, 1 x Winterwing Butterfly

Depending on the ingredients you use, any recipe can have a more potent effect or a longer duration. For example, you could make the Chilly Meat and Mushroom Skewer with just one Chillshroom, but the potency of the heat resistance will be much lower. The same applies to the elixir as well in Tears of the Kingdom. Using the Winterwing Butterfly is advised for the best effect. However, any additional monster part will do for a weak elixir.

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I also want to emphasize the difference between heat resistance and flame resistance in Tears of the Kingdom. The flame-based recipes are meant for defense against fire specifically and are perfect for tracking down Dinraal the Fire Dragon. But heat resistance is for the environment specifically.

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