Link in TOTK cooking a Heat Resistance meal in a pot.
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Best Recipes for Heat Resistance in Tears of the Kingdom (ToTK)

Can't stand the heat? Then get in the kitchen.

Cooking up some great Heat Resistance recipes is one of the best ways to keep Link cool in those Hyrulian areas that are just too hot to handle. So here are the best Heat Resistance recipes in TotK for when Link is suffering from a bad case of heatstroke.

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Best Heat Resistance Meals and Ingredients in Tears of the Kingdom

Two of the best Heat Resistance Recipes are the Chilly Meat and Mushroom Skewer and the Chilly Mushroom Risotto. For those who want to utilize elixirs, the Chilly Elixir is also a fantastic option you can cook up in a pot. Chillshrooms and Chillfin Trout are some of the best base ingredients for these recipes and you can find a few of my favorites below.

Link in TOTK cooking a chilly meat and mushroom skewer in a pot

Best Heat Resistance Recipes in ToTK:

  • Chilly Meat and Mushroom Skewer – 3 x Chillshroom, 2 x Meat
  • Chilly Mushroom Risotto – 1 x Chillshroom, 1 x Rock Salt, 1 x Hylian Rice, 1 x Goat Butter
  • Chilly Elixir – 1 x Cold Darner, 1 x Winterwing Butterfly

Depending on the ingredients you use, any recipe can have a more potent effect or a longer duration. For example, you could make the Chilly Meat and Mushroom Skewer with just one Chillshroom, but the potency of the heat resistance will be much lower. The same applies to elixirs in Tears of the Kingdom. Using the Winterwing Butterfly is advised for the best effect. However, any additional monster part will do for a weak elixir.

Farming for Heat Resistance Ingredients

Here are where you can find some of the best heat resistance ingredients:

  • Chillshrooms: Gerudo Highlands and Hebra Mountains.
  • Cold Darner: Gerudo Highlands and Mount Lanayru.
  • Waterwing Butterfly: Gerudo Highlands and Mount Lanayru.
  • Hydromelons: Gerudo Desert.
  • Cool Safflina: Hebra Mountains and Tabantha Frontier.
  • Chillfin Trout: Hebra Mountains and Lanayru Great Spring.

Heat Resistance vs Flame Resistance

I also want to emphasize the difference between heat resistance and flame resistance in Tears of the Kingdom. The flame-based recipes are meant for defense against fire specifically and are perfect for tracking down Dinraal the Fire Dragon. But heat resistance is specifically for swelteringly hot environments.

You’ll want to use heat resistance in places like the Gerudo desert, where the temperature gauge will increase to unbearable conditions during the day. You’ll know Link is in need of some heat resistance when he starts sweating and panting.

Flame resistance is an entirely separate condition, and Link’s need for it will be indicated by him dramatically catching on fire. You’ll also the temperature gauge beside the mini-map engulfed in flames. You’ll want flame resistance for areas like Death Mountain.

Other Ways to Resist Heat in TotK

Heat Resistance recipes aren’t the only way to cool down in Tears of the Kingdom. If you’re in short supply of ingredients or just don’t have immediate access to a cooking pot, here are a few other ways you can apply heat resistance or temporarily cool Link down:

  • Equip heat resistance armor like the Desert Voe set.
  • Equip an ice weapon for first-tier heat resistance.
  • Splash yourself with a splash fruit.
  • Stand in shade or water (note that heat resistance from shaded areas will wear off the moment you leave the shade).

That’s all we have for heat resistance in TotK, but you may also want to check out our guide on the best recipes for cold resistance before you next tackle all those frigid areas around Hyrule.

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