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Best Recipes for Cold Resistance in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

If only Link had a liquid coat.

Plenty of areas around Hyrule will require you to deal with the cold, and without some proper cold resistance for Link, he will start to shiver and lose health. Here are the best recipes for cold resistance in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Best Cold Resistance Recipes and Ingredients in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Some of the best cold-resistance recipes include dishes such as Spicy Simmered Fruit and Spicy Prime Poultry Curry. When we look for effective dishes in Tears of the Kingdom, we want a mix of options that are easy to make or have some potent effects. You can find a good mix below.

Best Cold Resistance Recipes in TOTK:

  • Spicy Simmered Fruit – 2 x Spicy Pepper, 1 x Goat Butter
  • Spicy Prime Poultry Curry – 1 x Hylian Rice, 1 x Goron Spice, 1 x Raw Bird Thigh, 1 x Sunshroom
  • Spicy Salt-Grilled Meat – 1 x Meat, 1 x Rock Salt, 2 x Spicy Pepper
  • Spicy Seafood Paella – 1 x Rock Salt, 1 x Hylian Rice, 1 x Sizzlefin Trout, 1 x Goat Butter

Any time you are cooking up cold resistance recipes, you can add one of the heat-based ingredients to change to designation to spicy. The most common spicy ingredients in Tears of the Kingdom are Spicy Peppers, Sunshrooms, and Warm Safflina. Goron Spice and Sizzlefin Trout are less common but can be a way to expand your overall recipe book.

Also, keep in mind that recipe potency can be altered by changing the amount of spice used. When you add more spice to the overall dish, you can expect more cold resistance to follow along as well, and you will save some ingredients in the process.

Now that you know some of the best cold resistance recipes in TotK, you may now travel around the frigid areas of Hyrule to your heart’s content!

Farming Spots For Cold Resistance Ingredients

Here are some popular farming spots for cold resistance ingredients.

  • Spicy Pepper: Lanayru region – coordinates 3353, -1250, -0163
  • Goat Butter: Kakariko Village general store – coordinates 1807, -1026, 0112; Hateno Village general store; Rito Village general store.
  • Hylian Rice: cut long grass around Hateno Village
  • Goron Spice: Tanko General Store in Goron City coordinates 1675, 2458, 0384
  • Sizzlefin Trout: Sherfin’s Secret Hot Springs, Hebra Mountains – coordinates -3962, 3280, 0239; around Death Mountain’s steaming ponds.

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