Best Pool 2 Decks in Marvel Snap for Ranked

Budget variants that stand a fighting chance.

It can be tedious to grind for all the Pool 3, Pool 4, and Pool 5 cards when you are starting out, and it definitely is hard to break through in the ranked mode when you lack the key star cards. However, there is a way to build a Pool 2 Deck in Marvel Snap that may take you far in Ranked (but we don’t promise the Infinity rank) if you play and Snap reasonably well.

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Best Decks from Pool 2 in Marvel Snap To Rank Up Fast

There are a couple of aggressive decks that you can make in an effort to push your rank higher (and potentially get more ranked rewards in a season) that we will showcase here:

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Low-Cost Onslaught Rush Deck (Pool 2 Code)

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This is a fairly simple aggression deck with the idea to shell out as many cards as possible on the board and then, ideally, on turns 4, 5, and 6, stack Ka-Zar, Blue Marvel, and Onslaught on a single location. In case of the absence of any of these 3, stack them with Ant-Man. Protect your little ones with Armor, do not play Okoye unless it’s on Turn 2, or maybe 3, and use Scarlet Witch to flip bad locations.

Replacements for missing cards: Elektra, Shang-Chi, Squirrel Girl, Spectrum, Colossus


Devil Dinosaur Combo Deck in Marvel Snap (Pool 2 Code)

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The premise of this deck is simple, and you will certainly enjoy it, especially when you get Black Panther and Arnim Zola for more fun in the next Pools. Devil Dinosaur is the boss card that depends on your hand size. For every card in your hand, it gets +2 Power so that the Power can be (by default) 3(0), 5(1), 7(2), 9(3), 11(4), 13(5), 15(6), or 17 Power for seven cards in your hand. The rest of the deck is subordinated to getting your hand size up (and stealing from the opponent’s deck, denying them a solution).

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A few combos must be remembered:

  • Combo 1: Turn 4 Moon Girl while Devil Dinosaur is in hand, Turn 5 Devil Dinosaur, Turn 6 Devil Dinosaur.
  • Combo 2: If you need to keep your Devil Dinosaurs attack up on Turn 6, keep note that when you play cards, it loses 2 Power for each card you drop. Playing cards that draw or generate cards in your hand mitigates this problem.
    Also, if you play Moon Girl on turn 6, make sure to play her last because she doubles whatever you have in your hand.

Replacement cards: Captain America (boosts a Location), Armor (to protect stuff), Cosmo (play under Dino to prevent Shang-Chi), Sentinel.


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