Best Pals for Your Base in Palworld

Bigger is better, but they'll clip their way into a wall guaranteed

Let’s be real, Palworld’s real game is all about crafting. Here are the best Pals for your base in Palworld.

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Best Pals for Your Base in Palworld

If you want to survive in the brutal world of Palpagos Island, you’re going to need to craft. A lot. But the process of crafting can be greatly accelerated with the right Pals.

There are 12 different Work Suitability stats. Depending on your Pal’s species, they’ll be good at some things or be completely incompetent at others. Those 12 Work Suitability stats are:

  • Kindling – used to heat, generally smelting or cooking.
  • Watering – used to water, usually plantations or crusher.
  • Planting – used to plant in plantations.
  • Generating Electricity – used to generate electricity, usually pylons to power electronic technology.
  • Handiwork – used to produce items, generally on weapons, sphere, or production lines.  
  • Gathering – used to gather produce after it’s grown in plantations.
  • Lumbering – used to cut wood.
  • Mining – used to mine stone, ore, and any other mineral in the base area.
  • Medicine Production – used to craft medicine at medicine tables.
  • Cooling – used to lower the temperature in an area, generally for fridges and coolers.
  • Transporting – used to transport resources to boxes, usually resources like wood or ore, but can be dropped items as well.
  • Farming – used to process materials on a ranch, usually wool and eggs.

Level 4 is the highest Work Suitability a Pal can have in a category, while one is a basic ability to perform the task. The higher the level, the faster the Pal will complete the job they’re assigned to.

Now that we have our categories, let’s dive into the best Pals for each one.

Best Pals for Kindling in Palworld

Unsurprisingly, the rarer the Pal, the better its Work Suitability. Here are the best pals for your furnace and cooking needs.

Jormuntide IgnisLevel 4
FalerisLevel 3
SuzakuLevel 3
BlazamutLevel 3
Blazehowl NoctLevel 3
SuzakuLevel 3

Best Pals for Watering in Palworld

Let’s get sprinkling. Here are the best Pals for watering your plants.

JormuntideLevel 4
Elphidran AquaLevel 3
Broncherry AquaLevel 3

Best Pals for Planting in Palworld

Plant a seed, and these Palls will harvest food.

LyleenLevel 4
JormuntideLevel 4
PetalliaLevel 3
Suzaku AquaLevel 3

Best Pals for Generating Electricity in Palworld

These Pals will keep your technology online.

OrserkLevel 4
GrizzboltLevel 3
Relaxaurus LuxLevel 3

Best Pals for Handiwork in Palworld

Here are the Pals you want on your production line.  

AnubisLevel 4
LyleenLevel 3
Lyleen NoctLevel 3
VerdashLevel 3

Best Pals for Gathering in Palworld

Plant a seed, and these Pals harvest food.

Frostallion NoctLevel 4           
JetragonLevel 3
VerdashLevel 3

Best Pals for Lumbering in Palworld

These Pals will take an axe to any tree within the base.

WarsectLevel 3
Wumpo BotanLevel 3

Best Pals for Mining in Palworld

If you need stone or ore, these are the Pals to call.

Anubis                  Level 3
AstegonLevel 4
MenastingLevel 3
BlazamutLevel 4

Best Pals for Medicine Production in Palworld

If your Pals are always injured, you’ll need these Pals working the Medicine Bench.

LyleenLevel 3
Lyleen NoctLevel 3
VaeletLevel 3

Best Pals for Cooling in Palworld

If you have food, you’re going to want to keep it cold and fresh using these Pals.

FrostallionLevel 4
Ice KingpacaLevel 3

Best Pals for Transporting in Palworld

These Pals will put all your resources in boxes.

Wumpo BotanLevel 4
GrizzboltLevel 3
WarsectLevel 3
FalerisLevel 3
OrserkLevel 3

Best Pals for Farming in Palworld

This is a unique category with only one level. But those Pals that have it have the ability to be “farmed” for resources. You’ll just need a ranch to take advantage of it.

VixyPal Spheres, gold, arrows
WoolipopCotton Candy
CaprityRed Berries
FlambelleFlame Organs
SibelyxHigh Quality Cloth

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