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Best Legends to Bring to Apex Legend’s Winter Express

Who's ready to hear bamboozle ten thousand times?

by Daphne Fama

It’s that time of year, Legends. The nights have gotten longer, and the air is full of brittle, bitter chill. But there’s one silver lining to every holiday season – The Winter Express rolls back in town. From December 6 to December 27, this limited time event will pit three squads against each other on a festively decorated train. As the Winter Express travels around the fan favorite map, World’s Edge, the squads must shoot it out to control the entire train or knock the other squads out of the round.

The Winter Express has been a beloved mode for years, but who should you bring to try to conquer this train?

Best Legends to Bring to Apex Legend’s Winter Express


Caustic has been the reigning king of the Winter Express for years. It’s extremely difficult to pull him out of his bunker, which will undoubtedly be full of canisters of gas. He can push as well, throwing his ultimate into an occupied train cart to quickly clear it or cause enough chaos that his squad can clean up the fleeing enemies.


Beyond his fantastic personality and witty quips, Fuse brings a lot to the table. His Knuckle Cluster can clear an opening, provide tick damage, and also give his team the opportunity to make a backend escape. His ultimate ability, Motherlode, also has its use once the train his the station, as it can reveal enemy combatants, prevent enemy combatants from taking the point, or keep them pinned so his team can mow down the affected squad.  

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Mirage is a personal favorite and a great hero to play if you’re going solo. His tactical allows him to send out a duplicate of himself, which is excellent for gauging enemy positions or making an escape. His ultimate is even better, as filling a train cart with duplicates is a recipe for chaos, easy flanks, and even easier escapes.


Catalyst is the newest legend added to the game, and it seems as if she was made for this mode. Her tactical ability, Piercing Spikes, is a great way to make room for your team, get tick damage, and warn you of any flankers. Her Ultimate Ability can also cut the visuals on the train in two while providing you enough cover to get on the flank when the train is at a station.

Tactical heroes like Seer and Bloodhound have their moments in Winter Express, but tend to function better with a coordinated team or the proper weapon load out. The same can be said for Wraith and Octane, who are both favorites in the mode, though more for their ability to work solo, get in and out, and secure kills. Neither hero are particularly good at actually securing and holding the train. Still, whatever legend is your favorite can be viable in the right hands, with the right strategy, so have fun with it!

Happy Holidays, Legend!

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