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Best Ix Chel Build in SMITE Season 10: Ix Chel Build Guide

Building... Construction complete.

by Nikola L

Ix Chel is the latest Goddess in SMITE and she is very interesting to play. As always, when a new God is in SMITE, players worldwide are doing their best to optimize and refine the item builds for maximum efficiency (and fun!).

Here’s what we think is the best build for Ix Chel at the moment.

How to Build Ix Chel and Which Items to Buy for Her in SMITE?

Well, seeing that Ix Chel is a Mage, you are bound to be playing her on Middle Lane in Conquest (let’s disregard the other modes for now). There are some varieties to the build as always because the situation on the battlefield is never the same, and adaptations may help your team prevail, and we’ll try to cover as much as possible.

If you want to learn more about Ix Chel’s abilities, check out our Patch Notes article:

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Which Relics to Buy for Ix Chel in SMITE?

Well, generally, good ol’ Beads and Aegis never failed anyone! However, if the situation demands a different setup, then yes, you of course should buy a different Relic. Some people are bound to buy a Teleport, just to mess around with backdoors and faster maneuverability around the map.

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What Starter Item Should I Buy for Ix Chel in SMITE?

Good question. Realistically speaking, three items are feasible and each of them has a justification for its usage, so without any specific order:

  • Sands of Time – The advantage it gives you is the MP5 which will keep you in the lane longer, and the initial Cooldown Reduction it gives you is nothing to be shy of. For the end-game, you can upgrade it into two different variants (one of which gives you a second chance of fighting once you get bursted down, causing some chaos in the enemy lines)
  • Vampiric Shroud – The advantage it gives you is the Lifesteal which will keep you in the lane longer (oh look, the same intro line as above…) Well, you need to see if you want more health or more mana early. The upgrades of Vampiric Shroud can be utilized well in the end-game.
  • Conduit Gem – The advantage it gives you is the burst damage that can surprise the opponents and narrow the time span in which the support/healer can react to save someone you’re trying to focus down.

Basically, you need to decide what you want to have in the early game, depending on who your Mid Lane opponent is, and who are the Junglers in both teams. Synergy matters in SMITE!

Ix Chel Ability Level Order in SMITE

Leveling Priority is 4>1>3>2 in general. By Level 5 you should have one of each basic ability, with two points in the first one.

In case you are focusing on healing (like, in Assault), you should prioritize the healing ability more (Ability 2). Otherwise, just grab it once and let it sit at rank 2 until you absolutely must level it up.

Which Items Should You Buy on Ix Chel in SMITE

Apart from Starter Items which we’ve already covered, you should consider these items:

  • Book of Thoth (stack it early)
  • Tablet of Destinies (stack it early)
  • Soul Reaver (if the enemies are tanky, it works better)
  • Bancroft’s Talon (Glyph Bancroft’s Claw is pretty decent!)
  • Soul Gem (works wonders with Conduit Gem)
  • Spear of the Magus and/or Spear of Desolation (Penetration is often neglected)
  • Divine Ruin (if there’s too much healing going on in the enemy team. In Assault you definitely should get it)
  • Chronos’ Pendant (if you’re crazy about Cooldown Reduction and ability spam like me)
  • Rod of Tahuti (both Glyph variants can produce hilarious results)

What about defense? If you get pushed around too much, you can try out one of the following items (getting two defeats the purpose of your role in the team)

  • Magi’s Cloak
  • Mantle of Discord
  • Stone of Binding

That’s all for this item build guide for Ix Chel in SMITE. Make sure to check out the rest of our SMITE content at the game tag below. See you soon at Prima Games!

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