Best Heavy Builds in The Finals

Throw your weight around.

The Finals hallway shootout
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The Heavy class is the biggest class in The Finals, and therefore the biggest target. While the class has a large heath pool to take some damage, here are some of the best builds that take advantage of both offensive and defensive equipment for the class.

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Best Heavy Flamethrower Build in The Finals

  • Specialization – Charge ‘N’ Slam
  • Weapon – Flamethrower
  • Gadgets – C4, Frag Grenade, RPG-7

This build is all about being as destructive as possible. It starts with the Charge ‘N’ Slam specialization, which allows players to barrel through pretty much any wall or objects in the way. It is great for quickly creating new paths for your team, and rushing into the middle of a firefight to throw elbows with any enemies.

The C4, Frag Grenade, and RPG-7 gadgets add the destruction. Frag Grenades can clear out a team camping in a building, while the C4 and RPG-7 are for bringing down these buildings. Why try to find the stairs when you can level the structure and bring the cashout station to you?

The Flamethrower is an amazing short-range weapon that can easily take out Light and Medium classes with ease if too close. It is not very effective if the vault is out in the open field, but can wreck absolute havoc in cramped spaces.

Best Heavy M60 Build in The Finals

  • Specialization – Mesh Shield
  • Weapon – M60
  • Gadgets – Barricade, Dome Shield, Goo Grenade

The M60 build is dependent on providing defense. The Heavy is already the slowest character, and standing around shooting the M60 LMG will further decrease spatial awareness.

The Mesh Shield specialization will give players a walkable shield to quickly protect themselves with during firefights. It could also provide a decent distraction while your team flanks.

The Barricade, Dome Shield, and Goo Grenade are more for holding down a specific spot. Multiple teams will be coming as you activate a vault or cashout station, and all three gadgets will bolster an inevitable onslaught.

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