Best Controller Settings for The Finals Open Beta

Jack up the sensitivity.

The Finals shooter
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The Finals is being made by studio Embark Studios, which comprises ex-Battlefield developers. However, this new game feels a lot more different than any Battlefield title, and here are the best controller settings to alleviate any issues.

Best Controller Settings to Use in The Finals

Movement plays a large role in getting around the map. The controls may feel weird at first due to the floatiness of the character and actions.

Here are the controller settings to ensure a better experience:

  • Controller Look Sensitivity Horizontal: 260
  • Controller Look Sensitivity Vertical: 200
  • Controller Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier: 35%
  • Deadzone: 3
  • Controller Look Response Curve: Linear
  • Controller Invert Vertical Look Input: Off
  • Controller Horizontal Look Boost: 450
  • Controller Vertical Look Boost: 450
  • Controller Look Boost Ramp Up Time: 2
  • Controller Zoom Horizontal Look Boost: 40
  • Controller Zoom Vertical Look Boost: 40
  • Controller Zoom Look Boost Ramp Up Time: 1.2
  • Controller Look Acceleration: 0%
  • Controller Preset: Directional Equipping
  • Controller Crouch: Toggle
  • Controller Sprint: Toggle
  • Controller Zoom Behavior: Press
  • Controller Aim Assist: On

While most of the changes are increasing the sensitivity, an important setting to have is the Controller Preset to be set to Directional Equipping. This changes the behavior of equipping gadgets from a wheel menu to assigning D-Pad buttons to each of the three gadgets during matches. It is much faster to press a button to bring out a grenade or zipline instead of bringing up a giant radial wheel during combat.

While you are changing your settings, here is our guide on how to change your loadout in The Finals.

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