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Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Best Classes The finals
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Like every class-based FPS game, players are always interested in learning which class is best. There are three classes in The Finals at this moment, and in this guide, we’ll check out if The Finals is a one-trumps-all or rock-paper-scissors type of game.

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What Class is the Best in The Finals?

There is no real answer here. There are no terrible classes in the game, and in many cases, your team will have one of each in their team, but rarely three of the same. So, it is fundamentally a rock-paper-scissors game that’s mainly determined by a player’s skill level, like in every fast-paced FPS.

This effectively means we can rephrase the question into “What Class is the Best in The Finals FOR ME?”. Let’s describe the strengths of each class.


Probably the community favorite by now, Light class features fast and agile gameplay with high damage output, and the emphasis is placed on the player’s movement and aiming skill, as well as their quick thinking. It’s a high-risk, high-reward class. Let’s say it’s the DPS in The Finals.

You will usually see the Light class sneaking around and using weapons such as SMG, suppressed pistol, sniper rifle, shotgun, and light melee weapons (dagger, sword).


Medium is precisely what you think it is. It goes halfway between Heavy and Light and takes the role of support in The Finals. If you like being a combat medic, look no further. You can help the Light class out of trouble or do your part in making Heavy an unstoppable killing machine™.

You will usually see the Medium support and heal its teammates, and using weapons such as assault rifles (AKM, FCAR), shotgun, revolver (357!), grenade launcher, or even a riot shield!


The Heavy is the tank of the group, but be aware, Heavy can deal a lot of damage as well. The fact that it is the tankiest class means that it can take quite a few hits before rolling over, allowing you a certain margin of error when we are talking about your reaction time. However, the downside is, of course, you’ve guessed it, weaker mobility (well, you can’t have it all, right?).

Don’t let this discourage you; Heavy has a deployable one-sided shield that prevents enemy damage but allows your teammates to shoot through it, and you might not need to move a lot.

You will usually see the Heavy carrying heavy weaponry such as machine guns, flamethrower, sledgehammer, and grenade launcher, and anchoring on key points and objectives during matches.

If I were forced to sort them by power, the best would be the Light, followed by Heavy, with Medium being at the bottom. You’d understand that it is hard to make your power ranking picks between three candidates, especially when (I cannot emphasize this enough) every class has its purpose, is fun to play, and is decently balanced. Medium might be at the bottom of this list for me, but it might not be for someone else, and there are team compositions that leave out the Light class entirely and play a duplicate of Medium or Heavy.

In the end, it comes down to what players want to play. However, I’m sure we’ll see build copying all over the place as soon as the meta stabilizes and tournaments start rolling.

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