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Best Class for Lapis in Fire Emblem Engage

The Potato Goddess doesn't have to be a dud (or should I say spud?)

by Daphne Fama

Fire Emblem Engage proves that it takes all sorts to defeat an ancient evil hellbent on destroying your world. Despite being a warrior, Lapis is cripplingly insecure. And that seems to show in her stats, as they’re… Not exemplary, to say the least. But can we make it work? Absolutely. Here’s the best class for Lapis in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best Class for Lapis in Fire Emblem Engage

Lapis is essentially our female Myrmidon, with high speed but not enough defense and strength. She’s significantly outpaced by characters you’ll unlock later in the game, but there are a few ways to keep her in stride with the rest of your army.

While Hero seems to be the natural promotion for her, Swordmaster is the ideal class for her. Let’s look at Lapis’ growth rates:


By classing her into a Swordmaster, Lapis will see:

  • 65% growth in HP
  • 35% growth in strength
  • 50% growth in dexterity
  • 75% growth in speed
  • 35% growth in defense
  • 45% growth in resistance
  • 40% growth in luck

This is ideal, as Lapis has a base defense of 7. One wrong hit can put her into an early grave, so HP, speed, dexterity, and luck are all essential in helping her avoid and dodge as many hits as possible. To that end, the best Emblem Rings for her are Emblem Ring Marth, who can offer Perceptive+ and Avoid +30, giving her the avoid and dexterity you might expect in a thief.

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Another good option is Emblem Ring Lyn, who offers ample speed boosts but also Alarcity++, which will allow Lapis to attack first if a foe initiates combat with her, and she has the speed advantage by at least +5. Which, if you put her on Swordmaster and give her a few levels, she’ll be able to meet easily.

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