How to Get to Soul Society in Project Mugetsu

Best Clans in Project Mugetsu: Clans Tier List (April 2023)

Find out which clan to aim for with this list

When jumping into Project Mugetsu, being born into the proper clan is rather essential. Not only will it put an even larger limit on what you can accomplish, but you’ll earn a fair number of boosts without having to put in any work. But, the process of rolling for a new clan can be scary if you aren’t sure what to look for, so we’ve put together a list of the best clan names to try and get. While it’s all the luck of the draw, maybe you’ll get lucky enough to land on one of the best of the bunch. Here’s what you need to do to roll for a new clan and which names you should aim for.

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How To Re-Roll in Project Mugetsu

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When you’re customizing your character, you’ll see a separate menu on the right side of your screen that showcases all of the current Clans available in Project Mugetsu. If you’re hoping to try and get something new, you’ll need to purchase a few more spins, and they all range in price:

  • Five Spins – 125 Robux
  • Fifteen Spins – 355 Robux
  • Thirty Spins – 675 Robux

With varying percentage ratings, you’ll likely end up with Common more often than not, but if you’re lucky enough to get something in any of the other classes, you’ll be ready to roll.

Project Mugetsu Clan Tier List – D Tier Clans

In this particular category, you’ll find the lowest of the low. There are no buffs here; nothing can make it even worth the time of day. Try and re-roll out of these if you’re hoping to get further in Project Mugetsu.

  • Arisawa 
  • Asano 
  • Haida 
  • Hanakari 
  • Haruko 
  • Hashigami 
  • Honsho 
  • Ide 
  • Ino 
  • Joaquin 
  • Kagine 
  • Kaneda 
  • Kanoniji 
  • Kojima 
  • Kunieda 
  • Lijima 
  • Miyuki 
  • Natsui 
  • Ochi 
  • Ogawa 
  • Oshima 
  • Shigeo 
  • Suzuki 
  • Tristan 
  • Tsumugiya 
  • Unagiya 
  • Yokochini

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Project Mugetsu Clan Tier List – C Tier Classes

These classes will at least give you a bit of a boost overall, but they still are lacking overall. You’ll at least feel some of the benefits, but your time and Robux would be better spent on a different clan.

  • Dokugamine 
  • Ginjo 
  • Inoue 
  • Kotetsu 
  • Kutsuzawa 
  • Muguruma 
  • Sado 
  • Shishigawara 
  • Tsukishima 
  • Yadomaru 
  • Yukio 

Project Mugetsu Clan Tier List – B Tier Classes

These are going to start letting you feel the true power of a better clan. You may not need to worry about trying again if you get lucky enough to roll one of these. However, if you want to become stronger, you’ll need something with more power than these clans.

  • Amagi 
  • Hirako 
  • Hisagi 
  • Hitsugaya 
  • Iba 
  • Ichimaru 
  • Kira 
  • Sarugaki 
  • Shihoin 
  • Unohana 
  • Ushoda 
  • Valkyrie 

Project Mugetsu Clan Tier List – A Tier Classes

These are almost the best of the group, but there are just a few that outclass them. While it isn’t by much overall, you’ll still find that the S Tier Classes have that extra push to make them the greatest of all time in this Roblox experience. Still, an A Tier Clan is nothing to scoff at, so don’t worry too much if you get one.

  • Kuchiki 
  • Kyoraku 
  • Uryu 
  • Yamamoto 

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Project Mugetsu Clan Tier List – S Tier Classes

The best of the best, the cream of the crop. If you get lucky enough to land on one of these two clans, you’ll never have to worry about a thing again. They’re the hardest to get, and for good reason. With a 0.1% chance of landing on it, these two clans mean serious business.

  • Kurosaki
  • Urahara

Now that you know who to roll for, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime when you jump into Project Mugetsu. Knowing how to navigate the world around you is important, especially if you’re trying to become the most powerful player around, so learn how to easily get to the Soul Society and so much more by checking out our Roblox tag below.

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