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Best Chimera Loadout in MW2 Season 1 Reloaded

by Daniel Wenerowicz

The final weapon of the season has arrived in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in the form of the Chimera assault rifle. This new version of the classic Honey Badger AR is part of the Bruen Ops platform and has some fancy passives to separate the weapon from the rest of the pack.

By default, the Chimera has an integrated suppressor and .300 BLK rounds. The rounds specifically are a bit slower and have no visible tracers. One of the best parts of the weapon is that the rounds can be maintained while changing up the barrel that we use. We’ll go over which attachments should be used to reach the best stats in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 Reloaded.

MW2 Season 1 Reloaded – Best Chimera Loadout

In terms of use, the Chimera should be used as a hybrid of an assault rifle and a submachine gun. We want to maintain that idea while increasing some of the range and bullet velocity overall. Below you can find all of the attachments that you need for a fantastic Honey Badger loadout.

  • Receiver: Chimera
  • Barrel: 10″ SA Phoenix
  • Muzzle: Sakin Tread-40
  • Underbarrel: FSS Sharkfin 90
  • Rear Grip: Bruen Flash Grip
  • Laser: 1mw Quick Fire Laser

Damage range and bullet velocity are the main focus of the first two attachments on the list. The 10″ SA Phoenix barrel is our main addition to help with the low bullet velocity and range that the Honey Badger has. Once we add the Sakin Tread-40 as well, the control of the weapon will shoot up and medium-range fighting will be far easier.

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After the barrel slots are covered, we can move to the grips. On the underbarrel, we want the FSS Sharkfin 90 for additional stability. Tuning can be super effective here for control and the negatives on the sharkfin are low. To counterbalance the barrel as well, the Bruen Flash Grip is used for sprint-to-fire and ADS speed increased.

Choosing the last attachment really comes down to a laser or an optic. If you can skip the optic, which is usually the best option, then the 1mw Quick Fire Laser is perfect for more ADS speed. There are no negatives so it’s a great way to simply buff the Chimera overall in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 Reloaded.

And that’s all. For more on the upcoming Call of Duty title, head over to our dedicated Modern Warfare 2 section full of guides, news, updates, and more.

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