The first set made for Modern is so close that you can almost shuffle it. While there is a slew of incredibly interesting cards for multiple formats (Commander gets some fun new toys), the set is very much designed to give a boost to the Modern format. It looks like there could well be a mix of different strategies that benefit from Modern Horizons, but it is always nice to pick a few of the most exciting ones. So, here is a list of some of the best cards in Modern Horizons, or at least some of the fun ones. 

Best Cards In Modern Horizons

Echo Of Eons

Look at this frankly absurd card. Card draw in a control deck is always a good thing, but since Narset, Parter of Veils arrived in War of the Spark it's been even better. This card is meant for great things. 

Carrion Feeder

Carrion Feeder is an engine in Legacy and while it looks unassuming, it is sure to give the Modern Aristocrat strategies a huge boost. When you consider that we are also getting Unearth as well, then it's time to contemplate just what can be dne with this rather gross card. 

Eladamri's Call

This is so cheap. Two mana to fetch any creature in your deck at instant speed means that you can easily win the game next turn with the right hand. It could well be that Chord of Calling and Collected Company have the edge on this one, but it should still see a lot of play thanks to the flexibility it offers. 

Urza, Lord High Artificer

Urza here is going to fit into any Thopter Sword decks you could dream of. Not only does he bring a friend, he also helps you ramp, and even lets you play cards for free. Everyone should be very afraid. 

The Horizon Cycle

The set is called Modern Horizons so it should be no surprise to see the rest of the cycle of Horizon Canopy Cards. There is a reason Horizon Canopy costs so much, so get your playsets of these quickly. 

While there is plenty of other choices for the best cards in Modern Horizons, these are the ones that stand out to me. Make sure to have a look at our Hub for all kinds of other guides and give us a follow on Twitter too.