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Best BFP .50 Build in Battlefield 2042

Heavy hitter

The Desert Eagle has finally come to Battlefield 2042 in the form of the BFP .50. Added in Season 5, this secondary weapon packs a massive punch and can easily become a part of every loadout. While it is good enough in its default configuration, a few attachments can really make it shine. Here’s the best BFP .50 Build in Battlefield 2042.

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Best BFP .50 Attachments in Battlefield 2042

Heavy Sidearm

Muzzle: None

Sight: Fusion Holo

Underbarrel: LS1 Laser Sight

Magazine: High Power

This sidearm packs a massive punch and has recoil to match. While you can fire the BFP .50 very quickly, you want to take your time between each shot to make sure you aren’t shooting the sky. Dropping the speed you pull the trigger won’t hurt your time to kill though, as it takes two body hits to kill at close range. The LS1 Laser Sight gives you that extra accuracy you need when things get too close, otherwise, you can take your time and get some long-range kills with the Fusion Holo.

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Pocket Sniper

Muzzle: None

Sight: Raven 4x

Underbarrel: None

Magazine: High Power

While this isn’t a version of the weapon you’re going to be using instead of your primary, the addition of a long-range scope to such a hard-hitting pistol means that you have options. What I found works best is running a short-range primary, such as a shotgun or SMG, then switching to the BFP .50 to hit those pesky snipers that would otherwise be untouchable.

It won’t have the fastest time to kill at extreme ranges, but a poorly positioned sniper can be picked off in three shots, opening up room for you to close the distance with a shotgun.

Now you know two ways to set up your BFP .50. If you are interested in a couple of powerful XCE BAR builds to go alongside your shiny new Desert Eagle, check out our build guide.

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