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The Best AK-47 Loadout in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

by Lucas White

Assault rifles are the quintessential weapon in first-person shooters. After all, what’s more satisfying than the spray and pray method? Even when you eventually find the gun you’re actually good with, it’s never a problem to go back and turn your brain off and just hold the trigger down to unwind. And while Modern Warfare has just provided a new assault rifle in the AN-94, the AK-47 is always going to be the classic choice.

Modern Warfare’s Best AK-47 Loadout

First of all you need to make sure you’ve unlocked the AK-47. You have to be player level 53 to unlock it, which is surprisingly high considering how ubiquitous this weapon is. Still, if you’ve been around in Modern Warfare you’ve probably passed that level already anyway. The AK-47 is pretty across the board even in its stats, although it does favor damage and control a bit. It’s basically the Ryu of video game guns.

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To make the most of the AK-47, you need to be able to push yourself through any situation. You have to be versatile, and ready to move or shoot where you want, when you want. And since the AK-47 already packs a punch, you need to worry more about sanding off the rough edges. And recoil is your biggest barrier there. So you’re going to want to load up on anything you can do to stabilize this weapon. The best attachments for that are going to be the Compensator, Granulated Grip Tape, and Ranger Foregrip. One major choice will be between the Spetznaz Elite or the 23.0” Romanian. The former gives you range and accuracy with no downside. The latter gives you a huge bump to stability, range and recoil, but takes away the Underbarrel slot. 

If you’re playing Warzone you probably want the mobility, but in Modern Warfare you can turn yourself into more of a tank, combining the Romanian with the Field LMG Stock to make the most of your ammunition at a further cost to movement. On the other hand, using the Spetsnaz gives you room to go without a stock for some additional speed at the cost of some stability, which you’re already compensating for elsewhere. You can balance that choice out by using the Ranger Foregrip in the Underbarrel slot.

From there you want to choose between the Integral Hybrid or Canted Hybrid, just to give some slight scope utility in case you need it. You won’t be caring much about your secondary, so the tried and true Renetti will do. Thermite and Stim are your best friends since the AK-47 is for getting messy. For Perks, Cold-Blooded, Double Time, and Tracker. You could also swap Cold-Blooded for High Alert, especially in Warzone.

Are you a true, blue, machine gun enthusiast in shooters? Are you rocking the tankier AK-47 setup, or going for more nuance with the new AN-94? What’s your Perk strategy? Let us know your favorite setup and why over on the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!