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Beginner’s Tips for Playing Evolve – Monster Types and Hunter Classes

by Prima Games Staff

One of the most unique multiplayer titles hit store shelves this week (physical and virtual), as Evolve finally made its way to gamers across the globe. Although game mode parameters might change slightly, the basic idea is that four human players must team up and work together to take down one human controlled monster.

This week, Prima Games intends to help players of all skill levels step up their games, whether they end up playing as part of the Hunters, or lone-wolfing it as the Monster. Today, we’ll start with some tips to help beginner’s get an edge on the competition.

Going Through the Stages

There are three basic levels the Monster can reach, and evolving from one to another is a primary way to turn the tables against the resourceful Hunters. At Stage 1 the Monster should stay clear of its counterparts, feeding on wildlife until evolving and reaching Stage 2. That’s the stage the Hunters and Monster become equals, which means that when the beast reaches Stage 3 it has the upper hand. The goal of any player assuming the role of the Monster should be to reach Stage 3 if possible, then track down and devour those puny Hunters.

How Wildlife and Buffs Work

The wildlife in Evolve present both Hunters and the Monster with benefits and challenges. For the Hunters, wildlife can be deadly, but killing them can result in a Buff if that particular creature was considered Elite. An example of this is the Armadon, a territorial creature found in the Forest Biome, and one that would present a difficult fight for either side. If a particular Armadon turned out to be Elite, however, it might be worth the risk since it would provide Hunters with the Damage Resistance Buff.

From the Monster’s perspective, consuming wildlife is a part of progressing through the three stages, but Buffs are also awarded for killing and consuming Elite versions of certain creatures. In the case of the Armadon that we mentioned earlier, it would also provide the Monster with the Damage Resistance Buff. For a complete list of all the different types of wildlife and the possible Buffs they provide, click the link at the bottom of the page to purchase the official strategy guide.

Perks and Leveling

The maximum level that players can reach in Evolve is 40, and they can expect to unlock a new perk each time they rank up. There aren’t 40 perks in the game, but most of them are broken up into three tiers. For example, the Hunter Perk called Movement Speed is unlocked at level 11, with the second tier becoming available at level 24 and the final tier at level 37. Once players have unlocked the final tier they will be granted a 20 percent boost to their movement speed when it’s equipped. Mix and match the different Perks based on the Biome and team strategy that will be employed.

Monster Types and Hunter Classes

When playing Evolve, the Hunters are broken into four classes, and each one specializes in something that will benefit the team. By working together and balancing the distribution of those classes, players can become more effective against the Monster. The four classes are Assault, Trapper, Medic and Support.

As for the Monster, there are currently three types that can be used, and each one comes with different abilities and suggested game modes that it can excel at. Choose the right Monster for the map and game mode and the Hunters will suffer some horrible deaths. Choose the wrong Monster and the Hunters will turn the tables and put the hurt on the beast.

The three Monsters currently available are the Goliath, Kraken and Wraith, and as mentioned above, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. We’ll talk about that in more depth as our coverage continues,  but for the most comprehensive guide on the Internet, visit the link below and purchase the official strategy guide.

Map Effects and Favor

Map Effects are a game mechanic that can be applied to either the Evacuation game mode or custom matches that players set up. We’ll focus on Evacuation, which is broken up into five rounds, or even better, five days. Each day is either won or lost by the Hunters or Monster, and the losing side will gain Favor, a slight boost to help ensure competitive matches always take place. Each time a team wins a round, however, they will gain a Map Effect that favors them. For example, by winning one of the rounds (days) while playing on the Fusion Plant map, Hunters could gain the Cargo Ship Map Effect, something that will patrol the skies and tag the Monster for the Hunters on the ground.

Want more survival tactics? Turn your hunters into your prey with the Evolve Official Strategy Guide from BradyGames!

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The official guide and eGuide offer comprehensive coverage of the entire game, including the groundbreaking multiplayer mode that combines the very best aspects of competitive and cooperative gameplay, and game-winning tactics and analysis of all four Hunter classes: Trapper, Medic, Support, and Assault. Plus, lethally effective strategies to turn the tables and eviscerate the Hunters while playing as the Monster.

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