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A Beginner’s Guide to Red Dead Online

by John Cooper

Starting off with Red Dead Online is an exciting time for any budding gunslinger, but it also brings with it a lot of questions. While the single-player experience offers immersion and freedom in a way that few games do, the online world is a different beast. The game plays in a similar manner, but there are a lot of new things to keep in mind if you want to enjoy your time with it. In order to help you, we’ve put together a beginner’s guide to Red Dead Online.

A Beginner’s Guide to Red Dead Online

Create a Character You Like

The character creator is incredibly detailed and complex. While it might be tempting to just have a quick go at it and then revisit it later, you can’t do that. Your character will look how you make them look, so make sure you put in the time. 

Play With Your Friends

This being an online game, it is infinitely better with a group of people you know. You can team up with other people you meet around the world, but it is full of cowboys who might decide it would be better to rob you and leave you for dead than help out. Try and make sure you have a regular group to play with in order to have a bit more fun. 

Use The On-Call System

If you’ve been playing for a little bit then you’ll probably notice that money is very important in Red Dead Online. In order to earn a bit more money, you can run through the story missions yourself, but you can also use the Story Mission On-Call in order to get a bit more money. Each mission only pays out the first time you complete it though, so this is only good if you haven’t progressed much with the story missions yourself. Each mission will always give out experience no matter what, so if you’re trying to level up then make the most of this feature. 

Use the Dive Ability

The dive ability will help keep you alive, it’s that simple. It lets you perform a roll and is fantastic for helping you avoid gunfire or cover that last bit of ground before some cover. Make sure you get used to being able to pull it off at all times because it is essential. If you only learn one thing from this beginner’s guide to Red Dead Online then it should be this. 

Make the Most of Free Roam Events

The Free Roam Events occur around you and you’ll get invited into them. They will take you into short matches of PvP where you can compete and test your skills. The good news is that you get some money and some experience points just for taking part. If you do really well then you’ll be even better off. 

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