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Battlelands Royale – How to Heal

by Josh Hawkins

Battlelands Royale is a brand new mobile battle royale game that drops players into a small map against thirty-two other players. You’ll need to collect loot, find armor, and take out your enemies. If you want to survive to be the last man standing, then you’re going to need to know how to heal in Battlelands Royale. Things work a bit differently here than they do in other battle royale games. Here’s what you should know to learn how to heal in Battlelands Royale.

How to Heal in Battlelands Royale

Unlike other battle royale games, where you pick up items as you go around the map, Battlelands Royale takes a much simpler approach to everything. Instead of picking up a ton of items and having to sort through a convoluted inventory system, players simply walk over objects on the ground and wait. After a few seconds, you’ll pick up the item—but only if you can use it.

Because of this simple loot system, players who need to heal will want to look out for medkits on the ground. Approach the medkit and stand in the small circle that surrounds it. After a few seconds the circle will fill up with green, and you’ll use the medkit to heal up. Each medkit that you use will automatically heal you up all the way, so you won’t have to worry about using multiple medkits.

There’s a lot about Battlelands Royale that’s different compared to other battle royale games out there. We’ll have a slew of new guides for the game coming over the next few days, so make sure you check back to get the latest Battlelands Royale strategies and helpful information.


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