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Battlefield Hardline Reload Easter Eggs, Use the Force, RPG

by Prima Games Staff

Besides huge maps, destruction and fast paced first-person shooter action, the Battlefield franchise is known for some of the most in-depth Easter eggs in gaming. This trend continues with Battlefield Hardline, a game that at the moment is only available in beta form.

While we’re almost certain that Hardline will reveal more secrets over the days, weeks and months ahead, the developers at Visceral Games wasted no time teasing fans with several reload animations that should have Star Wars: Battlefront fans particularly excited.

Although the first quirky reload animation (featured above) is difficult to describe, that doesn’t make it any less incredible. In fact, the chances of it happening are only one in 10,000, and even then it can only happen with an empty magazine, not a tactical reload. The good news is that Battlefield Hardline‘s animation director, Tony Gialdini, stated there are many more to find, such as the one in which players will use the Force.

We’re giving the edge to the second reload animation, but even more have been discovered, including one that includes some juggling-like reload shenanigans with an RPG. We’ve played a lot of Battlefield, and we’re not entirely certain this is a safe way to reload a rocket-propelled grenade. In the video below, the featured player first tries to shove the ordnance in the launcher backwards, then abandons that method and flips it up in the air as if it were a circus trick. Have a look.

Unfortunately for most gamers, the chances of seeing one of these animations (besides looking them up on YouTube) are fairly slim. The good news is there’s apparently plenty more to find, and we’re sure the secrets hidden within the game will extend well beyond reloading and into the maps themselves. If the Easter eggs of Battlefield 4 serve as inspiration, it’s likely they’ll be included in any future planned DLC as well.

The Battlefield Hardline beta is currently available to gamers on nearly all platforms, including the PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The event is expected to run through February 8, 2015 and features three maps and three game modes. Players can get a taste of what to expect from the full game by playing Conquest, Heist and Hotwire on the maps Bank Job, Dust Bowl and Downtown.

For more information on Battlefield Hardline, be sure to keep a tab open and locked on Prima Games. We’ll hit the beta hard right alongside you, then extend our coverage into the main game scheduled for release on March 17, 2015. To keep your skills tight and stay ahead of the competition, why not check out some of our tips for the all-new Heist game mode?

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