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Battlefield Hardline Conquest Game Mode Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Perhaps the most popular game mode in the Battlefield franchise is Conquest. It’s been enjoyed for years, providing gamers with a good mix of gun play as well as objectives to grind. This mode returns in Battlefield Hardline, but now that vehicles and ‘splosions are largely nerfed, how does Conquest hold up? What strategies are used compared to Battlefield 4?

Of course, we’re all about variety in our first-person shooter diet, which is why we took the time to talk about all of the game modes in Battlefield Hardline. For starters, there’s Hotwire, the go-to mode for all your ranking up needs. Visceral Games also included Heist, by far the best new mode that players can sink their teeth into, plus many more. To see a complete list of our Battlefield Hardline content, visit the game page and have a look for yourself.

How to Win at Conquest

Conquest is a game mode that is objective-based (or supposed to be) and involves a ticket system, as do most games in Battlefield Hardline. When the round begins, each team has a certain number of tickets, and the goal is to bleed the enemy dry before your team runs out. To do this, control more of the objectives around the map, holding onto them longer than your opponents. For example, if your team holds three out of the five points, the enemy will bleed. If you control five they will bleed faster. You get the idea.

Basic Conquest Strategies

When trying to explain the idea of Conquest to a friend, he replied with “So basically you turn the red squares blue.” He was referring to approaching enemy controlled objectives and taking them over, but it’s the most basic yet true statement about the Conquest game mode. If you want to win, you go to the flags that you don’t control and take them over. If you focus on this and only this, you will win more games than you lose.

Advanced Conquest Strategies

The previous tip is accurate, but also rather basic. You know that you need to take the flags and control them (you sometimes don’t), but what can you do to pull this off in a more efficient manner?

For starters, let’s talk about the flags. If there are five of them, there will typically be two close to your spawn, two close to the enemy spawn and one in the middle. There could be one close to each spawn and three in the middle, but it’s usually a balance. What you and your squad want to do is pick one or two flags, then work those the entire game. Remember, you only need to hold three to win, so if your squad (five out of a possible 32 players) can hold one, that leaves 27 other team members to hold two more. They probably won’t, and you’ll rage through six straight losses, but at least you’ll know you’ve done your part. That’s something, right?

In our squad, we call the above method Alpha-Bravo (or whatever flags we’re controlling since it could be Charlie-Delta), moving back and forth between the two flags we want to control the entire game. It may sound simple, but it really works. If you control Alpha and see the enemy taking Bravo, move your squad in to defend it and hold the point. Even if you hold those two flags uncontested, don’t go trying to win the entire war by yourself. Just do your job (Alpha-Bravo, or any  two flag combination) correctly and hope the rest of your team can do theirs.

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