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Battlefield Hardline Operator Class Guide and Reputation Perks

by Prima Games Staff

Everyone has a favorite class in Battlefield Hardline, and we’d bet that it’s the same class (although it uses a different name) that they had in Battlefield 4. Let’s face it, Mechanics like SMGS and blowing things up, and Professionals enjoy sniping and catching people in their maze of Laser Tripmines. We get that, as there are nights where the only weapon we use is the MP5K SMG.

With Battlefield Hardline, however, players have an entirely different set of game mechanics and map layouts to consider. First of all, there’s less destruction in Battlefield Hardline, and the maps as a whole are quite smaller than in Battlefield 4. That translates to short range gun battles and more intense infantry combat, both of which change how each of the four classes should be used.

Today we are going to look at the Operator class, giving you some hints about how to use it and where it might be most effective. Don’t worry, if you’re a fan of the Mechanic and the SMGs, the Enforcer and the Breaching Charge or the Professional and the Sniper Rifles, we’ve got your back as well.

Operator Class Strengths

The best things the Operator has going for it are reliable weapons and top notch gadgets. As far as weapons, we’re huge fans of the starting weapon, the R0933. It doesn’t have the best statistics in the class, but it comes unlocked for both factions, and its continued use will save gamers serious cash by not having to purchase the pricey M16A3 early on. When you have cash to burn later on down the line, take whatever weapon suits you, and if you’re still not sure, check out our piece on the best guns in Battlefield Hardline.

In terms of gadgets, the First Aid Pack and Defibrillators/Revive are almost always the way to go. The Operator is a spin-off from the Assault class in Battlefield 4, and their main goal should be to keep their team healed and in the fight at all times. This means staying back a bit and picking your shots, rather than rushing into the fray like a Mechanic might.

Operator Class Weaknesses

Gamers planning to run this class more than the rest will want to avoid vehicles for the most part. Traveling in them to reach an objective is fine, but any notion of repairing them or destroying those held by the enemy should go out the window. Yes, the Operator can use its grenade, but overall, spending too much time on the road will result in an increase in deaths. The Hotwire game mode in general is not the best place for the Operator class.

Operator Class Reputation Perks

The Reputation Perks for the Operator class back up our assessment of its strengths and weaknesses. It encourages infantry combat and supporting your team with the Level 2 Healing Upgrade and the Level 3 Revive Upgrade, while there are now explosive or anti-vehicle perks to be seen.

Level 1

  • Extra Magazines
  • Fast Climb

Level 2

  • Fast Ready
  • Healing Upgrade

Level 3

  • Fast Aim
  • Revive Upgrade

Level 4

  • Fast Reload
  • Fast Swap

Suggested Class Setup

Before you freak out, we’re not trying to convince you this class setup is the best, but rather giving you an idea of something that works for us. After all, you’re here to learn more about the classes in Battlefield Hardline, so why not try something new while you’re at it?

  • Primary: R0933
    • Kobra RDS
    • Extended Magazine
    • Suppressor
    • Angled Grip
    • Secondary: T62 CEW
    • Gadget 1: First Aid Pack
    • Gadget 2: Defibrillator/Revive
    • Grenade: M67 Frag
    • Melee: Police Baton/Baseball Bat

With this configuration, we have a stealthy way to be effective at close and medium ranges, while also having the ability to use the T62 CEW to take targets down and interrogate them. The First Aid Pack and Defibrillator/Revive allows us to keep our team in the fight, and the M67 Frag helps dig out enemies behind cover or camping in rooms.

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