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Battlefield Hardline Enforcer Class Guide and Reputation Perks

by Prima Games Staff

Battlefield Hardline, like the previous Battlefield games before it, allows players to choose between four different classes of characters, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. So far we’ve covered the Operators and their gadgets, the Mechanics and their SMGs and the Professionals who are crazy about the .300 Knockout. Today, however, we’re going to cover what might be the least popular class in the game, the Enforcer and their pain-in-the-butt Breaching Charges.

Enforcer Class Strengths

The Enforcer is one of the favorite classes for players to use when they are playing in Hotwire. We saw this coming a mile away, but we can’t particularly support people doing this. The reason they love it so much is because they can use the Breaching Charge (read C4) to set traps and blow up enemy vehicles. Yes, blowing up opposing objectives is ideal, but it’s also not helping your team earn points towards a victory.

Beyond the Breaching Charge/C4 trolls, the Enforcer class is good when things get up close and personal, and that’s mostly due to the shotguns. Perhaps the best thing about the Enforcer, however, is their ability to drop the Ammo Box. Simply put, any player who uses this class and does not bring this gadget isn’t using the Enforcer correctly.

Enforcer Class Weaknesses

For starters, the Reputation Perks in this class aren’t anything to be overly impressed with, but more on that later. We’re also not huge fans of the weapons, unless you’re talking about the Scar-H, one of the best guns in any Battlefield game for the last several years. The only downside to that weapon is that the rate of fire isn’t all that high, but it does pack a big punch and is deadly for players who can resist charging into the action where all the shotguns and SMGS are found.

Overall, there is nothing too powerful in the Enforcer class unless the player is exceptional and uses it in the most productive way. That means providing support to his or her team above all else. If it’s used that way, the weaknesses of the Enforcer class can be overcome.

Enforcer Class Reputation Perks

As we mentioned earlier, the Reputation Perks for the Enforcer class are nothing to get too excited about. In fact, we would prefer it if the first tiers were more about supporting your team, and less about throwing things quickly or being able to fall further. Still, Level 2 will provide the Upgraded Ammo Box, and that should be the ultimate goal. We can’t stress enough that this class is not about you as an individual player, but what you can do to help keep your team well supplied and supported.

Level 1

  • Fast Throw
  • Reduced Fall

Level 2

  • Fast Ready
  • Upgraded Ammo Box

Level 3

  • Fast Aim
  • Extra Charges

Level 4

  • Increased Suppression
  • Reduced Suppression

Suggested Class Setup

Again, the Enforcer should be about supporting the team, so although we’ll suggest a primary weapon for you to use, it’s really up to player opinion. The most important thing is that you bring the right gadgets to help your squad stay in the fight, and that’s where the Ammo Box comes into play. Check out how we load out with our own Enforcer below.

  • Primary: Scar-H
    • Kobra RDS
    • Stock
    • Heavy Barrel
    • Angled Grip
    • T62 CEW
    • Ammo Box
    • Ballistic Shield
    • M67 Frag
    • Police Baton/Baseball Bat

For players who aren’t sure why we keep loading out with the T62 CEW, we don’t find ammunition to be a problem in Battlefield Hardline. For this reason, we’d rather have the opportunity to interrogate as many targets as possible, revealing their locations on the map. To keep learning and growing as a Battlefield Hardline player, check out our awesome tips and tricks article.

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