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Battlefield 4: Understanding Weapon Attachments

by Prima Games Staff

Yesterday, we gave you an in-depth look at the Base Weapon Statistics in Battlefield 4. Today, we’re going to examine how the various attachments can impact those base stats. Damage, Accuracy, Hip Fire, Range and Stability can all be impacted by the addition of attachments. We’ll even give you some tips on a few of the most beneficial ones in the game. 

Have a look at the list of attachments available in Battlefield 4. They don’t all apply to each weapon class, but we’ll be sure to note which weapons go with each one. 


  • Optic
  • Accessory
  • Barrel
  • Underbarrel
  • Ammo
  • Auxiliary


The optic that you choose will not alter the base weapon stats. The function of the optic is to provide magnification and more eye friendly reticules than what Iron Sights provide. Some people will tell you this is a choice based on personal preference. While in some cases that is partially true, there are optics available that are unquestionably better in certain circumstances. For example, the Coyote RDS and Kobra RDS are two of our personal favorites, and highly advised for use with any Assault Rifle or Carbine. Although they provide little to no magnification, they are very small, allowing you to aim down sight faster and see targets to the left and right of the optic.

In some cases, we don’t advise loading out with any optic at all. With Shotguns, Handguns and even Personal Defense Weapons, optics can be a hindrance. However, if you absolutely insist on using one, we again suggest the Coyote RDS and Kobra RDS.

As the discussion turns to Light Machine Guns, Designated Marksman Rifles and Sniper Rifles, it’s time to up the magnification. Let’s be clear, these weapon classes were not designed for run and gun situations, even if you personally found success using them that way. Their intent is to be used at medium to long ranges, so feel free to go with an optic that has three-to-four times magnification for the LMG family. Some would even suggest that range for the DMR class. As for the Sniper Rifles, the 8x Rifle Scope is a good option. You can go higher or lower depending on the situation. It’s not uncommon to see Recon players equipping the short and medium range options on Team Deathmatch. 


This category includes things such as the Magnifier, Canted Ironsights, Tactical Light and Green Laser Sight. Again, this category generally doesn’t impact your base stats except for the lasers increasing your hip fire accuracy. No matter what option you choose here, there’s bound to be an accessory that can compliment it. For example, if you took our earlier advice and loaded out with the Coyote RDS or Kobra RDS, you might want to equip the 2x Magnifier. This will give you the ability to zoom in for those extra long shots but keep a versatile optic for running and gunning. On the other hand, if you are loaded up with a 4x on your LMG, you could go with the Canted Ironsights in case things go wrong in a close quarter situation.

In terms of the lasers and flashlights, there are situations where they can be beneficial but they are few and far between. Any hip fire advantage that something like the Green Laser Sight might give you will be negated by the fact that it’s easier for your opponents to spot you. Unless a specific situation calls for it — like the lights are out on Operation Metro — best to go with something else here.

Sniper Rifles get their own fancy accessories that are worth mentioning. Well, two in particular. For the most part, they are the same, but the Variable Zoom [14x] and Range Finder are worth noting. Equipping the Variable Zoom will allow you to add a 14x magnification to whatever optic you are currently running. If your optic is the 8x Rifle Scope, you’ll now have the added option to zoom in with 14x magnification. On the other hand, since Battlefield 4 allows players to zero their scopes, you might want to try the Range Finder. Undetectable by your opponents, it will display the range as well as the current zero distance of your weapon.


Here’s where we start to get into the stat altering attachments. How you choose to modify your barrel can have a positive or negative impact on almost all categories. Attachments such as the Muzzle Brake, Compensator and Heavy Barrel will alter your accuracy and stability while all variations of suppressors will hurt your hip fire and range. In fact, there is no base stat which is increased by adding a suppressor. The benefit comes with the ability to stay off the mini map, which cannot be measured. If you plan to do battle in close quarters, opt for the suppressor since range won’t be a factor. If you plan to be out in the open making medium to long range shots, try the Heavy Barrel to increase your aim down sight accuracy. 

Shotguns come with a few unique barrel options, though statistically, the Modified Choke and Full Choke do more harm than good. They even lower your hip fire accuracy, something that you definitely don’t want if you’re hunting with a shotgun. However, if you do aim down sight with your shotgun, they could provide you with a small boost in the accuracy category. 

Sniper Rifles, Pistols and Designated Marksman Rifles don’t really have anything unique in the barrel category that we haven’t already touched on. Those who enjoy the DMR class might want to consider a suppressor. You’ll lose out on some range, but staying off the mini map could make that a worthwhile trade.


The base stats most affected here are the accuracy, hip fire and stability. Of course, this is the home of the UGL Rail, an attachment that you can apply to make easier use of the Grenade Launchers. However, it carries no statistical benefit to the base stats, and therefore we advise avoiding it. Much of the same can be said about the Bipod. It won’t hurt or help your weapon stats one way or another, so it’s best left to the LMG and Sniper Rifle families. In those classes, the Bipod is one of the best options available. 

The various grips in this category are another story and have absolutely no downfall. Any impact they provide to your weapon stats will be positive. The only choice you have to make is if you want to bump up your hip fire, stability or accuracy. These are best suited for the Shotgun, PDW, Assault Rifle and Carbine weapon classes. If you’re using a Shotgun or PDW, think about the Ergo Grip or Vertical Grip to increase your hip fire. Should you be loading out with the Assault Rifles or Carbines, try out the Angled Grip. It gives you an 11 percent boost in stability allowing for more accurate automatic and rapid fire while aiming down sight.


This category is exclusive to the Shotgun family and can affect every single base statistic. Your options here are the 12G Buckshot, 12G Dart, 12G Frag or 12G Slug. This one is a no brainer. You’ll start out with the 12G Buckshot by default, but your only goal is to get to the 12G Slug. The 12G Slug is equal to or superior to every other ammo type in every category. Most impressive is its 95 damage rating and range of 40, a full 20 points higher than the next closest type. 


Exclusive to the Sniper Rifle family, this category only has two attachment options, the Straight Pull and Bipod. They won’t have a measured impact on your base weapon stats, but each one provides a benefit that is worth noting. The Straight Pull will allow you to put another round into the chamber without exiting your optic view. This is definitely handy for moving targets and keeping them in view between shots. The Bipod is a long range sniper’s dream. This attachment will completely remove the scope sway that comes with the high magnification. If you plan to consistently engage targets beyond 300 meters, give this a try. You’ll have to exit your optic view between shots, but your cross hair will remain in the exact location as before, allowing for the smallest of adjustments. 

Final Thoughts

You’re well on your way to loading out with the perfect combination of weapon and attachments. For more information, be sure to check out the official Prima Games Battlefield 4 eGuide. Written by true professional gamers, it is a necessity to take your game to the next level. You’ll also want to stop by Battlelog, where you can find up to date statistics on all weapons and attachments. 

Let us know in the comments, what is your favorite attachment in Battlefield 4?

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