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Battlefield 4: Top 5 Ways to Stop Roof Campers

by Prima Games Staff

If you’ve played Battlefield 4 for more than an hour, you’ve likely been killed by someone standing high on a rooftop, not particularly close to the objectives. Camping is an issue with almost every shooter on the market. Every time a developer thinks they’ve found a way to control it, campers circumvent their efforts. What’s important to remember is that as annoying as it might be to have a camper snipe you from a rooftop, opportunities to take revenge are far more satisfying.

Let’s take a look at the five best ways to deal with roof campers in Battlefield 4.

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5.) Counter Snipe

We left this one near the bottom of our list, because although it is a good way to kill the roof camper, it forces you to camp to get your revenge. The only difference between you and the person on the roof is that he or she has the high ground.

Still, roof campers are up there because they feel safe from attack. They view the battle as if they are hitting a punching bag that can’t strike back. Once you strike back, they tend to become uncomfortable and seek refuge elsewhere. If you’re going to counter snipe a roof camper, do so and then move back to playing the objective. They may have the rooftops, but you have the moral high ground.

4.) Radio Beacon + Melee = Win

Although there are plenty of ladders and elevators in Battlefield 4, roof campers tend to block them off with Claymores. Either that or their buddy is prone with a bipod and Light Machine Gun pointed at you as you emerge. One of the best ways to get on the roof without them seeing you is to use the Radio Beacon. Either you or a squad mate should place it outdoors and face the roof. When you spawn, pull your parachute, glide gracefully down and use your knife of choice to relieve enemies of their dog tags.

If you’re not a fan of the knife method, toss some C4 on their heads as you float by. Either option you choose will be montage worthy, so fire up your capture card if you own one. Of course, there is always the chance they will see you and take you out before you hit the roof. If this happens, don’t keep trying, since you’ve lost the element of surprise. Just move on to our next option.

3.) Ignore the Rooftop Campers

What do we know about people who camp on rooftops in Battlefield 4? For starters, they don’t like to come down. Even as their final tickets bleed out, they would rather sit up there trying to get that epic headshot instead of PTFO. While not the most entertaining option, perhaps one of the most effective ways to deal with the roof campers is to simply ignore them.

Let’s break it down. Every person perched on the rooftop of Zavod 311 is someone not capturing one of the flags. There can be 10 of them at a time. Take a 32-player team, subtract the 10 people who are on a rooftop. You now have your team of 32 taking on the remaining 22 players on their team. It’s not flashy, but it’s effective.

2.) Commander Mode

If you haven’t tried playing as Commander, this reason alone makes it worth your while. You’ll either have the ability to launch a Gunship or a Cruise Missile. The Gunship is controlled by one of your team members, but this is absolutely devastating against anyone camping on a rooftop. Keep in mind, each map has an objective your team must control to give you access to the Gunship. If the rooftop campers control that objective, your hands are tied.

The Cruise Missile works the same way as the Gunship. It’s made available when your team captures a particular objective. This one is all the Commander though. Find a nice concentration of campers and send the pain. We’ve seen a Cruise Missile from a Commander take out seven soldiers on a rooftop in one go.

1.) Scout or Attack Helicopter

Have you ever watched a cat chase a mouse? Yeah, it’s a lot like that. Roof campers hate helicopters. That’s why so many of them use Designated Marksman Rifles. They can use those and bring anti-air weapons from the Engineer kit.

Before you embark on your epic mission, we recommend cranking up the Battlefield 4 theme and having your best repairperson in the chopper. Just for good measure, equip the 25mm Cannon as your primary and then go to work. Before long, you’ll see rooftop campers leaping off the sides of buildings. Don’t let them get away; they must be punished for their crimes!

Well there you have it, our top 5 ways to deal with rooftop campers. Some of them might fall more into the entertainment category. Still, you have to enjoy yourself. Just remember that if you clear the rooftops, they’re no longer ineffectively camping. They’ve joined the fight.

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