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Battlefield 4: Top 5 Recon Tips

by Prima Games Staff


1. Reconnaissance:

Using the T-UGS, Motion Sensor, MAV and high-powered optics, the recon class is ideal for spotting enemy targets, instantly relaying intel to each teammate’s minimap. Knowing where the enemy is, gives your team a huge advantage in any battle.

2. Laser-Designate:

Now that most of the engineer’s rockets and missiles respond to laser-designation, the recon class plays a big role in taking out enemy vehicles. Use the PLD or SOFLAM to paint enemy targets with a laser, then keep the target in sight while your teammates launch laser-designated weapons. Assisting in the destruction of enemy vehicles can yield big points.

3. Sniping:

The sniper rifles available to the recon class are the most devastating firearms in the game. And now the recon class has the ability to zero scopes and utilize the Range Finder, allowing for greater accuracy and lethality at range. When sniping, make sure a buddy is watching your back. At the very least, place Claymores around your position to serve as an early warning system if intruders get too close for comfort.

4. C4 Destruction:

Like the support class, the recon class is capable of equipping C4 Explosives. These powerful charges give the class some much-needed anti-vehicle capability. C4 is also ideal for leveling entire buildings or triggering certain Levolution events, like knocking out the levee in Flood Zone.

5. Spec Ops:

Now that the recon class has access to shotguns, DMRs, and carbines, it gives the class much more offensive versatility. So instead of sniping, consider slipping behind enemy lines, raiding objectives and collecting intel.

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