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Battlefield 4: Top 5 Obliteration Tips

by Prima Games Staff

From the official Prima Battlefield 4 pros, these are the top 5 obliteration tips:

1. Obtain the Bomb:

At the beginning of the game your team should rush toward the initial bomb spawn to take out enemy players. Once the enemies are down, pick up the bomb and transport it to an arm site.

2. Plant the Bomb:

Before planting the bomb be sure the area is clear of enemies. You don’t want to force a bomb arm and end up dying with the enemy stealing the bomb. Stay alive with the bomb and wait for your team’s assistance.

3. Defend the Bomb Carrier:

Most of the team should work to escort their bomb carrier. Move in tandem with the bomb carrier, clearing a path toward one of the objectives. This game mode takes a lot of teamwork, so stay close to one another so you can offer support.

4. Transport the Bomb:

Moving the bomb by foot is extremely dangerous since the opposing team can see the bomb at all times. Instead, use a fast vehicle to transport the bomb. Transporting the bomb carrier inside a helicopter or light vehicle is the quickest way to break out of the chaos and purse an objective.

5. Defend the Bomb Sites:

On each map there are three targets per team. Your team will want to keep a squad near each of your team’s bomb sites. If the enemy retrieves the bomb and rushes towards a target, you’ll have teammates ready to hold the enemy off until more of your team arrives for help. There’s very little time to disarm a bomb in this mode, so it pays to have defender on-site at all times.

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