Battlefield 4: Top 5 Engineer Tips

Engineers are excellent defenders and masters of anti-vehicle combat. Check out these top 5 tips for engineers.

Playing the engineer class in Battlefield 4? Check out these these top 5 tips for engineers:

1. Anti-Vehicle Combat:

The engineer is the master of anti-vehicle combat. Use their rockets and missiles to engage land, sea, and air vehicles, preferably with the assistance of a recon soldier equipped with a PLD or SOFLAM. The engineer’s mines are also devastating against enemy vehicles.

2. Repair:

When not taking out vehicles, seek out damaged friendly vehicles and repair them with the Repair Tool or EOD Bot. Every time a friendly vehicle is repaired, you gain 10 points. You get 15 points for repairing a vehicle belonging to a squadmate.

3. Close Quarters Battle:

PDWs are exclusive to the engineer class. These weapons are best suited for close quarter engagements, given their compact size and blistering rates of fire. Attach a Laser Sight to improve their already impressive hip fire accuracy and go to work clearing rooms and other confined spaces.

4. Ordnance Disposal:

Only engineers can pick-up explosives dropped by enemy troops. Use them to clear out mines and C4 before friendly vehicles are destroyed. The engineer’s EOD Bot can also be used to remove explosives.

5. Defend:

Engineers are excellent defenders thanks to their versatile arsenal of weapons. Use their explosive weapons and fast-firing PDWs to lock-down locations and objectives.

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