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Battlefield 4: Top 5 Assault Tips

by Prima Games Staff

If you’re playing assault class in Battlefield 4, use these top 5 tips:

1. Heal:

Assault soldiers are responsible for keeping their squad and teammates in the fight by distrubituing health supplies like First Aid Kits and Medic Bags. You earn 10 points each time a teammate gains health from your supplies, or 15 points if a squadmate partakes from you life-giving gear.

2. Revive:

Use the Defibrillator to revive teammates that are downed. You only have a limited time to respond to downed teammates before they’re dead, so move in fast; just make sure the area is safe first. Reviving teammates earns you 100 points while reviving a squadmate nets you 125 points.

3. Front Line Combat:

The assault rifles associated with this kit are ideal for leading the charge during attacks. All assault rifles are capable of automatic and single-shot fire, making them versatile at any range. Use these well-rounded weapons to take and hold ground.

4. Fire Support:

The M320 grenade launcher and M26 MASS shotgun give the assault soldier even more devastating firepower. The M320 can dish-out damage to vehicles as well as blow holes in walls while the M26 is absolutely lethal at close range, making it the perfect back-up for the kit’s assault rifles.

5. Squad Leader:

The assault class is well-suited for squad leaders as it allows them to keep their subordinates in the fight. When playing as a squad leader, don’t forget to issue orders and accept orders from the team’s commander.

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