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Battlefield 4: Top 5 Tips for Helping the Team

by Prima Games Staff

1. Spot Targets:

When spotting enemy infantry or vehicles, this information is instantly relayed to all teammates through their minimap, appearing as red icons. This gives your teammates the chance to hunt down these enemies. If a teammate kills an enemy you spotted, you get a Spot Bonus worth 25 points.

2. Heal, Revive, Resupply, and Repair:

If playing as assault, pass out First Aid Packs and drop Medic Bags to heal your teammates. Or revive them with the Defibrillator if they’re downed. Engineers are responsible for repairing friendly vehicles with a Repair Tool or EOD Bot while the support class is needed to replenish ammo through their Ammo Packs and Ammo Boxes.

3. Follow Orders:

Whether receiving an attack/defend order from your squad leader or the commander, do your best to move to the target location and engage the enemy. A Squad Order Bonus is awarded for scoring kills near an area designated by an order.

4. Squad Play:

Each team is made up of several squads. The success of a team largely depends on the competence of its squads. So whether using vehicles or moving on foot, try to stay close to your squad and fulfill orders given by your squad leader. By helping your squad, you’re helping your team.

5. Stay Alive:

In most game modes, every death costs the team one ticket. Furthermore, if your squad is wiped, you’ll lose progress on your Field Upgrade meter. So do your best to stay alive by avoiding high-risk, low-reward actions. If you’re the last living member of your squad, find a good hiding spot and wait for squadmates to deploy back into the game.

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