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Battlefield 2042 Delayed, Still Targeting 2021

by Lucas White

Battlefield 2042, the next big AAA shooter from Electronic Arts and developer DICE, has been delayed. Luckily for eager fans, this isn’t a 2022 delay. Rather, just a few more weeks are being added to the allotted time with the game now targeted for a November 19, 2021 launch date.

The official statement was posted on various channels and feeds, and you can see it below as well:

This news should come as no surprise to anyone really, as it’s a similar story we’ve seen play out several times at this point. With the COVID-19 pandemic rattling on much longer than anyone expected, companies such as DICE still can’t safely return to the office, therefore still have to deal with the challenges of building a videogame remotely.

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Games officially delayed this year include the likes of Dying Light 2, Horizon: Forbidden West, Ghostwire Tokyo and even the recently-released Deathloop (among many others). It’s likely we’ll see more delay announcements yet as we approach the holiday season.

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