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Battlefield 1 – Best Medic Class Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Battlefield 1 is just around the bend, and that means it is time to start planning ahead for the release day madness. In total there are four classes in the game, which are very similar to the classes that players may have seen in previous iterations of the Battlefield franchise. In this particular article, we’ll be breaking down the known weapons, gadgets and the best tips and strategies for the Battlefield 1 Medic class, as well as offering additional advice to help you stay alive longer.

Medic Class Breakdown

The first thing we want to do is take a look at the weapons available to players using the Medic class, as well as the role that you’ll need to play when you spawn in as this character class. Medics play an important role in Battlefield 1. Not only are they responsible for keeping their teammates alive, but they are also responsible for keeping their teammates revived when they go down. This is done with the Medical Syringe, which takes some time to charge up, so you’ll want to be careful when trying to revive teammates.

Since the game hasn’t officially released quite yet, we’ll be covering only the items and weapons that we know of right now. This list is subject to change, so check back closer to release for an updated entry.

Medic Weapons

  • Cei-Rigotti Factory
  • Cei-Rigotti Artillery
  • Selbstlader M1916 Sharpshooter
  • Selbstlader M1916 Artillery
  • M1907 SL Automatic
  • M1907 SL Factory
  • Mondragon Artillery
  • Mondragon Marksman

Medic Gadgets

  • Bandage Pouch
  • Medical Crate
  • Rifle Grenade Fragmentation
  • Rifle Grenade Smoke
  • Rifle Grenade HE
  • Medical Syringe

The Medic class is an extremely important class in Battlefield 1, as it is responsible for both the health levels of your team, as well as keeping your teammates up and running on the battlefield. Whether you’re running the front lines with your friends, or riding shotgun in a friendly tank, the Medic class is always going to be a good choice for those looking to really hone in on their teamwork skills.


Now that you know what you’re working with, and what the Medic class is all about, it’s time to dive into some really simple strategies to help keep you alive. First and foremost, don’t ‘Rambo Revive’. This is something that became excessively prevalent in previous Battlefield games, and while the use of the Syringe as a revive tool has removed some of that worry, the issue still abounds in every version of the game. Play your revives smart. Don’t rush in without knowing what you’re up against, and always be ready to switch back to an offensive weapon to clear out enemies.

The only other really important thing to do is make sure you’re providing plenty of support for your fellow teammates. Kills should not be your number one priority as a Medic. That’s why the game has the Assault class. Focus on sticking close to teammates and keeping them pushing forward. That’s how you make the most of the Medic class and its abilities.

Now that you know more about the Medic class, including how it works, its gadgets, weapons, and uses, it is time to dive into the game and be the best Medic that you can be. If you find yourself struggling to revive teammates, don’t sweat it. Slow your game down, and be patient. You won’t be able to save everyone, so make the most of your Medical Syringe, and use it carefully.

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