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Battlefield 1: All Behemoth Locations

by Prima Games Staff

Behemoths are large, multi-person vehicles in Battlefield 1 that spawn during Conquest and Operations maps. The game contains a total of three Behemoths. Players can make use of either the Airship L30, the Armored Train or the Dreadnought. These massive vehicles only spawn in for the losing team of Conquest matches, or for Attackers in Operations each time they lose a battalion.

Below, we cover every Behemoth in Battlefield 1, including what they are, how they spawn and which maps you will find them on.

The Airship L30

This massive zeppelin features a total of six seats that players can man and control (including the Captain’s Seat). The Airship L30 is an excellent support vehicle that offers plenty of ways to reign down destruction upon your enemies, while also providing a mobile spawn point for others to spawn and parachute from. It is an excellent way to help turn the tide of battle, and it features fairly good armor capabilities that can withstand small arms fire. This means that AA guns and Aircraft are the only way to destroy the Airship L30.

This vehicle only appears on the following maps: St. Quentin Scar, Monte Grappa, and Ballroom Blitz. Furthermore, airships are ideal for players looking to get better with the Assault class in Battlefield 1.

Armored Train

The second Behemoth on our list is a railway train, that has been fitted and protected with massive guns and armor. Each of the six seats in this vehicle have plenty of firepower to take down a small army and pave the way for your team to break through enemy lines. Unlike the Dreadnought and the Airship, this Behemoth is limited in movement due to the need to follow the train tracks outlined throughout the map. Enemy forces can easily take this vehicle down using mines, rockets or even grenades to damage it. You can also switch out to your Support class to make use of the attachable timed bombs that you can equip.

Bombers provide an extremely effective way of clearing out the various modules that make up this multi-car death machine. Side note, players can only make use of the Armored Train on Amiens, Sinai Desert, Suez, and Argonne Forest.


Perhaps the most fearsome of the Behemoths in Battlefield 1, this massive battleship can only accommodate four players, including the driver. Like the other Behemoths, it can easily be moved around the map, so long as there is enough water for it to drive through. The overly-large weapons on this vehicle make it almost unstoppable, and its ability to move out into the water means it can be harder to hit with land-mounted guns and rockets. Because of this, we suggest using Bombers to take down the Dreadnought. But make sure you have enough fire support from your Squad to help your plane stay in the air. The only maps that the Dreadnought appears on are Empire’s Edge and Fao Fortress.

At this point in time, there are only three Behemoths in Battlefield 1. These massive vehicles can easily turn the tide of the battle, so we suggest either making use of them (if they spawn for your team), or destroying them as quickly as possible. Left unchecked, they can turn a 300+ Ticket difference into nothing within minutes, assuring your defeat or victory.

You now have info for each Behemoth, as well as some of the best ways to take them down in Battlefield 1.

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