Baldur’s Gate 3: What is Heat in BG3? – Answered

Fight fire with fire

Fire magic is among the most fun in Baldur’s Gate 3. Really, who can argue with a wall of immolating flames between you and anyone who wishes to harm you? However, there is another way to use fire to your advantage, and that’s by using Heat. But what is it, and how does it work?

What is Heat in Baldur’s Gate 3?

While you are adventuring in the lands of Faerun, you may come across items that give specific keyword bonuses. These can include the likes of Lightning Charges, Momentum, and Heat. Simply equip an item that gives Heat and complete it’s additional criteria to earn the buff. 

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For example, the Fireheart amulet allows you to gain two turns of Heat any time you take fire damage from another creature. 

While you have Heat, you will take 1d4 Fire damage each turn and will lose a turn of Heat. While this might seem bad, it also allows you to use the Heat Convergence passive feature. Once activated, the next time you deal fire damage, you will deal one additional damage for each turn of Heat you have remaining. If you can stack up enough Heat, you could deal a serious amount of bonus damage to everything caught in the range of your Fireball spell or Fire Arrow blast. 

To make the most of Heat, it is best to equip as many items as possible that provide the buff. This way you can build up several turns of Heat and unleash them all at once in a powerful attack. To ensure you don’t immolate yourself from the fire damage, use this on a character who can either drink a potion of fire resistance or has some sort of natural fire resistance, such as a red Dragonborn. Reducing the amount of damage you take from Heat while increasing the amount it dishes out is key to making the most of the buff. 

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