Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Return the Counting House Money – Answered

Sorry, Lower City. I'm keeping it.

Jaheira’s just full of surprises. She’s vague frenemies with the Lower City’s criminal guild master. She’s fought beside heroes, adopted street urchins. But when her companion quest takes you deep into the vaults of the Lower City Counting House, you might find yourself wondering. Is it worth giving the money back to Glitterbeard in Baldur’s Gate 3? Or should you keep it?

Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Keep or Return the Counting House Money – Answered

Despite how intense the Counting House security looks from the outside, it’s honestly not very secure at all. And it’s likely no surprise that an entire city’s worth of gold was stolen by some angsty, murder-obsessed cultists and one ranger.

But if you manage to get the money back from Minsc and his Absolute-loving company, you might be tempted to keep the gold for yourself. But should you?

The answer, surprisingly, is yes. You should keep the gold for yourself.

The grand total of gold in the pouch is 10,000.

What happens if you return the money to Glitterbeard?

If you give the gold to Glitterbeard the dwarf (who’s still pacing around the vaults) in full, he’ll give you 2600~ gold for your trouble. Along with the Number Nine Vault Key.

But here’s the thing. Vault 9 can easily be lockpicked by Astarion, though it does require a Lockpick roll of 30 or better. And if you don’t feel like lockpicking, you can pickpocket the vault nine key off Glitterbeard at any time. For your trouble, you’ll get the Elegant Studded Leather.

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 What happens if you persuade Glitterbeard to cover half of the missing money?

Glitterbeard will scoff, forcing you to pass a high persuasion or intimidation check. But if you pass that, you’ll get to keep 5,000 of the 10,000 gold you found. Glitterbeard will then give you 2600~ and the key to the vault. There are no significant repercussions.

So, as you can see, you’re still losing out. That makes keeping all 10,000 gold a much better idea.

What happens if you keep the 10,000 Gold

Well… you get to keep the gold! All 10,000 of it. That’s pretty nice!

But while you’re penetrating vaults and gathering fantastic items, don’t forget to visit Sorcerous Sundries! This store has it all, but more importantly it has a secret vault that requires a little exploring and poking around to get into.

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