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Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Drink with Thisobald Thorm? – Answered (BG3)

Drink, drink, die.

As you delve deep into the shadow-drenched lands, you’ll find yourself in a cursed village. One villager by the name of Thisobald Thorm really, really wants you to drink, but should you drink with him?

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Baldur’s Gate 3: Where is Thisobald Thorm?

Thisobald Thorm, son of Ketheric Thorm, is the master brewer of the location The Waning Moon. As such, you’ll find him by the bar in this establishment. He will automatically start dialogue with you if you get close to him, and prompt you to drink with him.

How to Get to the Waning Moon

You can find the Waning Moon in Reithwin Town, which is in the Shadow-Cursed Lands. This location becomes available upon starting Act 2 and is a crucial plot location. You’ll find the entrance of The Waning Moon by the Moonrise Towers waypoint, which is in the southwest part of Reithwin.

Should You Drink With Thisobald Thorm?

A screenshot of Thisobald Thorm at a bar having a drink with a character in Baldur's Gate 3.
You should drink with Thisobald Thorm. Screenshot by Prima Games.

Simply put, yes, you should drink with Thisobald Thorm. If you drink with Thisobald Thorm:

  • You’ll suffer no ill effects.
  • Get all the EXP you would for defeating him.
  • Learn about a secret relic.
  • Inspire both Lae’zel and Karlach if they’re in your party, making it well worth the effort.

When it comes to this interaction, you only have two options. Drink (or at least pretend to) or fight. Refusing to drink or failing to do so will require you to fight Thisobald Thorm, who is an exceptionally tanky foe.

First, Thisobald Thorm will ask you to drink. You can choose to drink and roll a Constitution save to avoid the drunk effect. Or you can roll a Sleight of Hand save to trick Thisobald that you have gulped down the drink.

Then Thisobald will ask you to tell him a story, requiring you to pass a DC16 Performance check. Failing, you will get a second chance to perform a DC18 Deception check. Tell him a story, and you’ll get to ask him two questions. Fail both checks and he will attack you.

Then the process will be repeated two more times. This means you’ll have to pass a total of six skill checks, which are all pretty high, floating around 18. Failing a sleight of hand check will cause him to attack you. And unfortunately, even after multiple attempts, we could not fail a single Saving Throw. But just to be safe, try not to fail those either.   

If you want to get really good rolls for this encounter, we highly recommend you solve the plaque puzzle in the town square, not that far from the Waning Moon Inn. Doing so will net you some big buffs to your throws!

How to Beat Thisobald Thorm

A screenshot of Thisobald Thorm in a fight in Baldur's Gate 3.
Thisobald Thorm is a tanky foe. Screenshot by Prima Games.

Getting tired of failing your rolls? Time to fight then! Thisobald is a tanky foe who has Regurgitation abilities. These abilities allow him to attack with the elements that he’s been affected with. For example, Fiery Regurgitation will allow his brew to deal fire damage and leave a burning terrain, if he’s attacked with fire elements.


After he’s done using his three AoE drinking spells, Thisobald Thorm will go down and take double damage. Control which elements he’s using by using said elements on him. A character resistant to the element you use on Thisobald can tank the blows while the rest of the party does long-range damage.

An excellent way to beat Thorm is to use stealth and attack him from the shadows. Make sure you’re positioned properly on the bridge walkway, which will be above him. We recommend using Karlach in this fight, as she’s pretty beefy and can take and dish a lot of damage. You should focus on the patrons first until Thorm gets his Blacked Out condition. He gets this after overdrinking for a few turns and it’ll strip all resistances from him.

Rewards for Killing Thisobald Thorm

A screenshot of a close up of the character, Thisobald Thorm in Baldur's Gate 3.
Your rewards lie behind the bar. Screenshot by Thisobald Thorm.

Once your battle with Thisobald is over, loot him for a key. The key can be used to unlock the door that is behind the bar. Here’s what you’ll find there:

  • Unseen Menace (two-handed Pike)
  • Rat Bat (two-handed Greatclub)
  • Alchemy items
  • Recipe to Purple Worm Poison

There’s also a secret loose floorboard behind the bar. It will become accessible with high enough Perception. The object you obtain from the secret will be important for completing the “He Who Was” quest so make sure to grab it!

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