Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Solve the Plaque Puzzle in the Cursed Village (BG3)

Fill in the blank... or not.

With the Moonlantern in hand, the shadow-cursed lands become a smorgasbord of secrets to uncover. And one of the most confounding is the plaque puzzle found in the cursed village, just outside of the Mason’s Guild. But the solution to the plaque puzzle in the cursed village in Baldur’s Gate 3 might be easier than you think.

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Cursed Village Plaque Puzzle Solution in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you approach the town square, just outside of the Mason’s Guild and the gate where you meet Arabella, you’ll find a shattered statue. Pass a perception check, and you’ll notice that there’s a plaque with part of its inscription rubbed out. This is obviously a puzzle, but how is it solved?

Here’s how to solve the plague puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Examine each of the plaques on the statue. You’ll need to pass three perception checks to read all three. But passing a Perception check isn’t necessary. You can just quickly click each of the plaques in order.

Interact with the plaques in the following order:


Press the plaques in the correct order, and a door in the back of the statue will open. Yes! It’s that easy. There’s no need to decipher the message.


If the door doesn’t immediately open in the back, click on “F – LOSS – PAINALLSL – RISE” again.

Altar of Shar in Baldur's Gate 3
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The door will lead to the Sharran Sanctuary. Within, you’ll have a chance to pass a few skill checks and get a nice boost to some of your throws. Click on their plaques to trigger this.

Each of these statues will require a 14 or higher saving throw. The statue in the middle will test Charisma. The statue closest to the stairs will test Intellect. And the statue closest to the wall will test Wisdom.

Pass all three, and a wall will move, revealing a new alcove. Pass a religion check and interact with the altar and you’ll be able to make a blood offering. Doing so with Shadowheart in your party will net some of her approval. There are no downsides.

But doing so will also give you physical benefits, including the Ritual Dagger of Shar you used to cut yourself, a Scroll of Blight, a Scroll of Revivify, an Elixir of Necrotic Resistance, and a Potion of Angelic Reprieve.

Note, grabbing the Ritual Dagger of Shar will gain you Disapproval points from Shadowheart and cause three guardians to attack you. They have a buff called “Living Shadow” which prevents them from taking damage from anything but Force, Psychic, or Radiance attacks. So, if you’re not prepared to tackle these three level 7 enemies, perhaps leave the dagger where it is.

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