Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Buy Mattis’ Key in BG3? – Answered

At 1000 gold you're practically being robbed

As you plunge deep into the shadow-cursed lands, there’s one sanctuary left. The Last Light Inn, the crumbling fortress of the Harpers. And who else happens to be there but the Tieflings that were pushed out of Druid Grove? Including Mattis, who’s gone legitimate. But should you buy Mattis’ key in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Buy Mattis’ Key in BG3? – Answered

Hell no. You should not buy Mattis’ key in Baldur’s Gate 3. Not for gold at least.

I’ll be honest; I’m a fan of the little Tiefling scamps. They might be little scammers and thieves, but you’ve got to respect their hustle. But the most important item Mattis has is the Tower-Shaped Key—a quest item given to him by Mol. And if you happen to like treasure, like I do, it’s well worth adding it to your inventory.

However, Mattis is charging a staggering 1,000 gold for the key. The loot you’ll get from the dungeon it leads to will be:

  • Helmet of Arcane Acuity – 70 G
  • Spell of Knock – 100 G
  • Scroll of Disguise Self – 40 G
  • Scroll of Misty Step – 65 G
  • Scroll of Darkness – 65 G
  • Potion of Invisibility – 65 G
  • Potion of Speed – 20 G
  • Potion of Glorious Vaulting – 13 G
  • Potion of Darkvision – 25 G

That doesn’t equal out to 1000 G. So; your best (and most frugal) bet is to convince Mattis to give it to you, either through deception or persuasion. You’ll need to pass two rolls, but if you succeed, he’ll give you the Tower-Shaped key for free.

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If you don’t mind spoilers, here’s where you’ll need to go to put that key to good use: the Mason’s Guild south of the Last Light Inn. But before you head there, make sure you open the Potter’s Chest in the Potters Shop, which is right before the bridge that leads to the Mason’s Guild. This will start the quest that the Tower Key is associated with.

While you’re hanging out at the inn, you might notice that the Strange Ox from the Druid’s Grove also made the long journey. But have you wondered what it really is?

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