Arcane Tower Baldur's Gate 3
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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Power the Arcane Tower in BG3

Flower power.

The Arcane Tower in the Underdark of Baldur’s Gate 3 is defended by multiple Arcane Turrets, and yet the power is entirely cut off, which stops you from using the elevator in the main room. As long as you can reach the generator though, getting the power back on is simple and only requires one material.

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How to Power the Generator in the Arcane Tower (BG3)

To turn on the power in the Arcane Tower, you need to add a Sussur Bloom to the power generator in the tower basement. There are a few different areas of Baldur’s Gate 3 where you can find a Sussur Bloom, but you don’t need to look far in this case. There is a bloom right outside of the basement door next to the blue tree.

Sussur Bloom location. (Screenshot by Prima Games).

If you are already in the basement, then you can just walk outside to grab the bloom. With the flower in your inventory, head over to the Power Generator and interact with the console. There is one slot to add material to the machine. Dragging the Sussur Bloom to this slot and hitting “combine” will trigger a cutscene.

Screenshot by Prima Games.

Now the whole Arcane Tower has power once again and you can use the elevators to move around. As an added bonus, even the Arcane Turrets will be powered down.

How to Reach the Basement of the Arcane Tower (BG3)

In order to reach the Arcane Tower basement with the Power Generator, you need to scale the cliffs of the Tower on the left-hand side. There are plenty of giant mushrooms that slowly descend onto the other side of the tower. Take your party in this direction and have them jump one by one until you reach the lower levels.

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At the bottom of the cliff, there is a door that leads directly to the Arcane Tower basement and the power generator. Make sure to grab the Sussur Bloom from outside and then add it to the generator as described in the portion above.

Now you can explore the full tower, and when you have everything you need, simply move on to the next section of the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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