Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Get Rid of Enemy of Justice Condition in BG3

Kill one goblin and suddenly the whole camp wants your head on a pike

Are you instantly aggro’ing goblins when you walk into their camp, even though they were friendly before? Is an entire town chasing after you with pitchforks, even after several long rests? You might be an Enemy of Justice. And there’s only one way to solve that. Here’s how to get rid of the Enemy of Justice Condition in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Remove the Enemy of Justice Condition in Baldur’s Gate 3

It took me ages to finally get the Enemy of Justice Condition, until I decided to be a little murder hobo and commit a creeping genocide on the Goblin Camp. But, like many others, getting rid of that condition was no easy task.

The Enemy of Justice is a condition that will ensure that everyone within a specific faction will immediately attack when they see you. Usually, this is triggered in the Goblin Camp in Act 1, if you entered the camp on friendly turns then started killing them off.

But it can happen elsewhere, too. And it can make the game significantly harder.

Fortunately, getting rid of the Enemy of Justice is condition is easy… at least on paper. You just need to find the Witness. The Witness is a person who, when selected, will have an ‘eye’ symbol and the status ‘Witness’. This is the person who saw you murder someone in their organization in cold blood.

And to get rid of the Enemy of Justice condition you’ll need to kill them. No witnesses, no hostility. First, you’ll have to find them. Sometimes finding a witness is as easy as finding the red dot on your mini map, which marks them as an enemy. But I actually found my last Witness in a completely separate room, and they were non-hostile until I approached. They were also amongst a bunch of other goblins, meaning it was very difficult to discreetly kill them.

If you can’t find the witness… well, they’re there, somewhere. But there’s an alternative approach if you can’t be bothered to track them down. If that’s the case, head to camp and kill your Tav / main character with the Enemy of Justice debuff. I mean, completely dead. Once your main character is dead, approach Withers and ask him to resurrect them.

You may need to speak to Withers twice to get the Resurrection option. He’ll then revive your Tav for 200 gold, and they’ll be completely free from the Enemy of Justice debuff.

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