Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Get Into the Concealed Hatch in Druid Grove (BG3)

Sometimes napping is the answer.

If you’ve been to The Hollow, you’ve likely come across a few tiefling scamps trying their best to make it in this world. And that would be all well and good if they didn’t steal your stuff. And to get it back? You’re going to have to wedge yourself into the concealed opening in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Get Into the Concealed Hatch in Druid Grove (BG3)

When it comes to getting into the Concealed Entrance that will lead to Mol’s office, you have plenty of options. Here’s all the ways you can get into the Concealed Hatch in Baldur’s Gate 3, with a more in-depth explanation below. 

  • Be a Gnome. 
  • Speak to Doni and pass several skill checks.
  • Save the boy at the Secluded Cove. 

If you’ve already found the Concealed Hatch and you happen to be a smaller race, like a Gnome, it’s possible for you to wiggle in. There are plenty of hidden crevices like this scattered throughout the world, proving that Gnomes are sometimes the superior race.

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Speaking to Doni is the most straightforward option. He’ll only speak in grunts and will look right past you. Eventually, he’ll vanish into the Concealed Hatch and you’ll have to pass a perception check to see where we went. Do successfully and the Concealed Hatch will be revealed to your character.

Take a long rest and speak to Doni again. You’ll now have to pass an insight check, which will require at least a 10. Pass it, and you’ll need to pass a persuasion check. This is also a 10 roll requirement. Succeed at both and Doni will open the door for you.

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Fail, and you’ll have to fall back on the combat option. Head to the Secluded Cove just outside of the village. The coordinates are X: 330, Y:550 and it’s just past the merchant tiefling, following the trail north. 

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There at the bottom of the trail will be a tiefling who’s been enchanted by a flock of harpies. You’ll need to save him before the harpies can kill him. Do so successfully, and he’ll give you the password to Mol’s office. Return to Doni and let him know the password, and he’ll open up the Concealed Hatch.

These tieflings really can’t stay out of trouble! If you’ve gotten to the Secluded Cove, you likely have started the foundation for the Saving Arabella side quest. But should you?

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