Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Get into Rocky Crevices in BG3

Go where the gnomes go...

As you play Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll find no shortage of Rocky Crevices, Holes, and Burrows scattered around the land. Unfortunately, most classes are too large to wiggle their way inside. Fortunately, every player has options. Here’s how to set into rocky crevices, holes, and burrows in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Get into Rocky Crevices, Burrows, and Holes

When you first encounter a rocky crevice, hole, or burrow, it usually means one thing. You’ve found an alternative route into a location! These loopholes are reserved for only the tiniest of creatures, which means you only have a few options available to you.

To get into rocky crevices, holes, or burrows in Baldur’s Gate 3, you can:

  • Be or use Disguise Self to become a Gnome.
  • Use Wild Shape to turn into a cat.
  • Use Gaseous Form.

Not all rocky crevices, burrows, and holes are made equal. While gnomes can fit into rocky crevices, they can’t necessarily fit into holes and burrows. The same is true for the cat Wild Shape. But Gaseous Form will allow you to access any narrow opening, no matter how small. Thus, this is the best spell or scroll to carry around if you prefer to steal your way into a location.   

If you’re not sure how to turn into a gnome, you have options. Disguise Self is a level 1 spell and there’s a very good chance that Shadowheart will have access to it by the time you encounter your first rocky crevice, burrow, or hole. That’s because she’s a Trickery Domain Cleric.

Failing that, Sorcerers, Wizards, and Warlocks with the Eldritch Invocation: Mask of Many Faces will be able to get this spell.

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To get Wild Shape cat, you just need to be a druid or recruit a druid. Halsin will be the first potential druid in your party, but getting him will require you finding and rescuing him from the Goblin Camp in Act 1. After that, you’ll have another opportunity to recruit a druid in Act 3.

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To get Gaseous Form, the level 3 Transmutation Spell, you’ll need to be a Sorcerer, Warlock, or Wizard. Circle of the Spores Druids can also learn this spell at level 5. Or, alternatively, Druids can select the Underdark passive at Level 5 by selecting Circle of the Land. Failing this, it’s a fairly common scroll and potion you can find either at merchants or by meticulously looting.

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I love Gaseous Form and highly recommend getting it on one of your spell casters. Beyond Rocky Crevices, it’s excellent for avoiding traps and completing trials you might not expect.

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