Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Enter the Astral Prism in BG3

The Emperor can't hide forever

Astral Prism Baldur's Gate 3
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You might not see the area often, but the Astral Prism is one of the most important story locations in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you decide to help Orpheus in your own run, you need to make your way back into the prism, and I’m here to help you reach the Emperor one more time.

How to Enter the Astral Prism in Baldur’s Gate 3

To enter the Astral Prism again, you must reach the end of the main story in Baldur’s Gate 3. Once you have all the Netherstones in place, you can head to the Morphic Pools in the Undercity Sewers and initiate the final sequence of BG3. There is a lot more to complete at this point, but you will be brought to the Astral Prism one last time.

Screenshot by Prima Games.

That means you need to be entirely sure you are done with your playthrough before attempting to reach the Astral Prism. To free Orpheus, you must have the Orphic Hammer before entering. There is no going back; you can’t just find a portal to the prism whenever you want. You have one opportunity to change the fate of Orpheus and the Githyanki.

How to Enter the Astral Prism in BG3:

  • Reach Chapter 3 in the main story.
  • Collect all three Netherstones.
  • Reach the Morphic Pools in the Undercity Sewers.
  • Enter the point of no return in the main story.

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For those of you following the storyline of Lae’zel or the Githyanki, your quest log likely instructs you to find a way to enter the Astral Prism. This entire quest is linked to the main story, so like before, don’t worry about actually looking for a way in. Just follow the main quest and get all the Netherstones.

There are two other times when you can enter the Astral Prism before the main Githyanki story with Orpheus. One follows the end of Chapter 2 in the main story, and the other is an optional quest in the Githyanki Creche. However, both are before you can truly achieve anything with Orpheus in BG3.

Before you enter the Astral Prism, read through my guide on how to get the Orphic Hammer in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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