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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Enter Cazador’s Szarr Palace

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Astarion needs to face his demons in Baldur’s Gate, and that means taking him to Cazador’s Palace (Szarr Palace) in order to stop the Rite of Profane Ascension. Getting through the palace won’t be easy, and simply entering the palace is already challenging enough. However, we have an easy pathway for you to bolster Astarion’s revenge. Here’s how to enter Cazador’s Palace in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Where to Find Szarr Palace in Baldur’s Gate 3

You can find the Szarr Palace by going all the way north of the Lower City Wall Gates, but even if it looks like the palace is on the other side of the gates, you don’t want to cross. Cazador’s Palace is located fairly high up, and you need to use the city walls to reach the vampiric hideout.

BG3 Map of Szarr Palace
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There is no direct path to the city walls without getting into trouble, but you can still get up there with decent athletics, spells, and the right platforms to hold up your party.

How to Enter Cazador’s Palace in BG3

The best way to reach the palace is to spawn at the Lower City Central Wall and then move north to the wall itself. You will quickly find two NPCs speaking next to the wall, which has a gate, a small staircase, and a raised wooden platform. You want to have any of your agile characters jump onto the platform to start.

From the platform, you can jump onto the city wall. This area isn’t restricted until you move further, so don’t worry about the guards. Once all your agile characters are up, have your Rogues and Wizards use spells like Misty Step or Flight. We had Gale use Flight on some of our party before lightly gliding up to the top.

BG3 screenshot of Misty Step
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After everyone is on the wall, it’s time to move ahead to Cazador’s Palace. Simply follow the path north on the wall until you reach some guards who are clearly under the influence of Szarr. Either convince them to let you go through, or get ready to fight.

With all of these steps out of the way, you can reach the end of the wall to the north, where you will find Cazador’s Palace. However, it’s truly labeled as Szarr Palace on the Baldur’s Gate 3 map.

Now that you’re here, Astarion can finally get his revenge.

How to Find Cazador Once You’re Inside Szarr Palace

Once you get to Szarr Palace, you’ll need to find the vampire king himself. Once inside, your objective is to open the Sinister Door. To do this, you’ll need two items: The Kozakuran Dictionary and the Szarr Family Ring.

Finding the Kozakuran Dictionary

Here are the steps to find the Kozakuran Dictionary.

  1. Head to the lower floor area of the palace by taking the southern staircase.
  2. Enter the room with a corpse that emits dark magic.
  3. Use a mobility spell like Misty Step or Fly to get around the room safely.
  4. Look in the dresser to find the dictionary.
  5. Read the dictionary to learn the chant.

Finding the Szarr Family Ring

Here are the steps to find the Szarr Family Ring.

  1. Stay on the same floor where you found the Kozakuran Dictionary.
  2. Go down the hall and keep to the right.
  3. Look for a hidden door that will appear in the alcove. Make sure to keep to the right when you walk down the hall.
  4. You will be ambushed by an invisible enemy named Godey, who holds the ring. He’ll be on the right side of the door. Use any light source to reveal him.
  5. Either pass the Deception/Intimidation and Deception/Persuasion speech checks or kill him.
  6. Godey will give you the Szarr ring after successfully passing the second speech check. Killing him is the quickest, best method, in our opinion.

Once you have both items, you’ll be able to open the Sinister Door and take on Cazador himself.

Before you enter, make sure to read up on our guide detailing all the Cazador and Astarion choices in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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