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Back 4 Blood All Cleaners Explained

by Prima Games Staff

Back 4 Blood, with its roguelike style and micro customization features, can get pretty complicated in the long run. For this reason, you often want to think about your build before you get into a match.

Cards are important but figuring out where your cleaner excels is even more important. Here’s how every cleaner works and what you should do for the best build. Although I will go over playstyle, these explanations will mostly go over what cards you should use and where you should build your character in the long run.

Many of the cleaners are designed for certain builds and you’re better off leaning into that. After you develop an understanding of the characters, you can try and branch out but leaning into what’s there is the best way to get the ball rolling. 

Back 4 Blood All Cleaners Explained


Evangelo is the youngest member of the crew and, therefore, he is the quickest and most energetic. Giving a team speed boost and a bonus to getting out of grabs, this is who you want to play if you want to rush the objective.

Evangelo is an excellent heavy hitting melee character. The Meth Head card adds extra strength and stamina to your melee hits and stops you getting stuck on large creatures.

This is a must for a good melee build. Alongside this, add cards like Slugger, Sunder and Heavy Hitter to make him the best he can be. Evangelo is good with a gun but he shines with quick and hard melee hits. 


Walker is the cleaner you pick if you’re very accurate or maybe just a bit cocky. Giving bonuses to headshots and increases to damage, the closest descriptor for Walker would be a DPS. Starting with a pistol, you should swap this out for precision weapons like the sniper rifle or single shot rifles.

Aim for the head and pick yourself some cards that increase damage and benefit precision. Sadistic stacks damage with precision kills and ridden slayers increases weakspot damage. If you can load him up with enough damage, Walker can be very deadly. 


Holly has a very similar angle to Angelo but her specific build is better when focusing on Stamina and damage exclusively. Where Angelo is good with speed, Holly iis great for staying in the middle of the action, swinging along.

She is capable of more offensive power long tun but justifies your medic a little more. If you want her to operate best, throw some cards on her that prioritise melee damage and stamina.

If you can upgrade that stamina, the berserker card is a must. For each melee kill in the last 4 seconds, Holly gets a 10% boost to melee damage and speed whilst also receiving a 5% boost to movement speed. Berserker is the perfect name.


Mom is best played by someone who knows support. Coming with an instant revive and some great perks, make sure to maximise how much support you can give. Starting with pain meds, and healing abilities, Mom should use whatever weapons you like most.

From here, pick cards that increase your healing abilities and abilities to get out of there. Combat Medic is a great card that gives you better healing capabilities and speed. You should throw Medical Expert and Charitable Soul in there too


Doc is a very similar character to Mom. She replaces one instant revive for better trauma treatment. She is a little less scrappy than Mom but more efficient long term. To play Doc at her best, copy what you would do for Mom, picking healing cards and hoarding all the medical resources you can. 


Hoffman is good for those who want a bit of a technical choice. With bonuses to explosives and ammo, he is great when used well. Grenade Training and Grenade Pouch gives more equipment and higher damage.

As well as this, You can afford to lose a little bit of your ammo capacity to have the perks that Admin Reload grants you. Bomb Squad is also necessary to give extra resistance and damage with explosives. If you want to go in guns blazing, Hoffman is a great choice. 


Jim is a little bit of a glass cannon. He doesn’t die too easily but he does so much more damage if left unharmed. If you have a good support and a better team, he is a great DPS. Coming with a bonus to weak spot damage and 5% extra damage for every precision kill, he can be monstrous quite quickly.

Sadistic is a necessary card adding a 5% bonus to weak spot damage for every precision kill in a ten second span. Shredder is also great, causing extra damage to enemies you’ve already hit. Essentially, if you can find a way of boosting damage, pick them. 


Karlee doesn’t appear to have a specific build she is designed for so you can play her how you want to. With bonuses to equipment and the ability to sense hazards, she’s a pretty decent pack mule and good for using special tools.

You should throw most of the Scavenger cards onto her build to allow you to hunt down some extra equipment and ammo. Alongside this, you are better off making her a jack of all trades. Give her a little extra damage, better health and some stamina.

If you aren’t sure what playstyle you want, Karlee is a good class to test them out. 

And that’s our rundown of every cleaner you can find in Back 4 Blood. Of course, this is just an overview, there’s always a chance you will find a build that works well. It’s even possible to make a build that is even better than ours.

Get out there and customize your choice in each playthrough. Back 4 Blood is much better when you allow yourself to experiment. Try out everything you can.  

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