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Attack on Titan Game – How to Kill a Titan, Get Materials

by Bryan Dawson

In the Attack on Titan game you need to kill Titans, so we’re going to show you exactly how you kill a Titan and get materials in Attack on Titan. Some of the controls in Attack on Titan can be a little difficult to get adjusted to, but once you have it down, you will be killing Titans in no time flat. However, just killing a Titan isn’t enough as you can actually gain valuable materials from Titans if you don’t kill them immediately, plus you will likely need to kill multiple Titans in rapid succession to complete some missions.

Aim for the Nape

If you’ve watched the Attack on Titan anime, you already know that the only way to truly bring down a Titan is by attacking it at the nape, which is the back side of the neck. This is very helpful in earning an S-rank for each mission. A single attack to the nape is usually enough to bring down most Titans, but maneuvering to this point can be tricky in some cases.

The best way to get the angle you want is to move around to the side or back of the Titan, then press Square to fire an anchor. If you don’t automatically target the nape, move the Left Analog Stick up until the nape is targeted. For most Titans a simple slash with Triangle when you’re within five meters (10 meters if your reactions are a little slower) is enough to take them down. However, for some you will need to boost first by pressing X to gain movement speed for a harder hitting attack.

Going for Materials

When attacking a Titan you can aim for a variety of body parts. Of course if you target the nape you can take down a Titan in a single attack. However, finishing off a Titan in a single blow won’t net you any materials. You need materials to purchase new equip and upgrades, so it’s beneficial to milk the Titans a bit before you take them down for good.

Target any body parts that are marked with a small yellow box. This indicates that you will get materials if you attack the Titan at these locations. Not all Titans will offer materials, so if you’re in a hurry trying to get a low battle time for S-rank, just go for the nape if you don’t see any yellow material boxes. As soon as you successfully slash a body part with materials, they will be added to your inventory.

Killing Multiple Titans

In many battle situations there will be multiple Titans in the immediate area. If you take your time you will be caught, and things can get overwhelming pretty quickly. Press R1 to enter battle mode so you can target the closest Titan, then quickly move the Left Analog Stick so you’re targeting the nape. Take down the first Titan, then quickly rotate the camera to see the next Titan (if they aren’t already within your view) and you should remain in battle mode. If you’re not still in battle mode, quickly press R1 again and then target the nape of the next Titan to go for another kill.

If you get grabbed by one of the Titans you need to rapidly press Triangle as fast as you can. However, a Titan grabbing your character is not the only way to take damage. Some Titans will dive toward you and attack in other ways, so always keep an eye on your surroundings, especially when Titans are nearby. Keep in mind, Titans can destroy most buildings, so sitting on a rooftop won’t be enough to keep you safe in some situations.

We’ll have more on Attack on Titan all this week so stay tuned to Prima Games!

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