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Attack on Titan Game – Find the Best Scabbards and Canisters

by Bryan Dawson

In the Attack on Titan game the gear you use can will have a considerable impact when it comes to fighting Titans, so we’re covering tips to find the best scabbards and canisters so you always have the best gear available. The scabbards and canisters you can buy change as you make your way through the game, so we’ve provided tips that will allow you to quickly and easily figure out which new scabbards and canisters are best for you.

When you’re ready to purchase a new scabbard and canister, look for the Logistician with the blade symbol above their head when you’re between missions. Speak to the Logistician to buy a brand new weapon blade, scabbard, or 3D maneuvering gear. If you’re looking to buy new items you need the materials required to make them. These materials can be acquired by completing missions and killing Titans.

Scabbards and Canisters

Your scabbard and canisters are one in the same. These control the gas needed for your 3D maneuvering gear (omni-directional mobility gear), as well as how many blades you can carry. Movement is extremely important when you’re fighting against a Titan, so you should be focused on picking up new scabbards and canisters when you can.

Gas Capacity – The gas capacity controls the maximum amount of gas your canister will hold. The higher this rating longer it will take for you to run out of gas during combat. This is important because it can save you time on the battlefield and improve your mission results. The less you need to stop and refill, the faster you can complete your missions.

Gas Pressure – This controls how fast you can move when using your omni-directional mobility gear. Skilled players should focus quite a bit on this so you can take down Titans as quickly as possible. However, if you’re still learning how best to use your gear and you’re having trouble hitting Titans and taking them down, you may want to hold off on getting gear with a high gas pressure rating. Increasing your speed could just make it more difficult for you.

Blades Remaining – How much you should focus on blades remaining should be determined by your current weapon blade. This category controls how many blades you can hold at once. However, if you have a high durability weapon blade, you won’t need to switch it out as often and you won’t need to worry about how many blades you have remaining. Likewise, if you have a low durability weapon blade, you will want to focus on the blades remaining category so you can continually switch blades instead of having to look for a Logistician on the battlefield.

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