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Attack on Titan Game – Best Tips, Get S-Rank

by Bryan Dawson

The Attack on Titan game explains a lot of basic tactics, but it can be difficult to know exactly how you’re supposed to play, so we’ve taken the liberty of coming up with some of the best tips for the Attack on Titan game to help you hit the ground running. The game follows the main story of the anime, but also delves into the manga once the anime material has been exhausted. These tips will help you get through to the end of the game so you can see what’s coming instead of having to wait for season two of the anime.

Starting a Mission

Between missions you can usually speak with your friends and team members. Think of this like an RPG in which you can speak to people in town. Usually you won’t get a lot of useful information, but it adds a bit to the story. You can also use this time to upgrade or buy new gear, which we’ll discuss a bit later in this article.

When you’re ready to move on to the next mission find the person with a red exclamation point over their head. This is usually a commanding officer, but it can be a variety of people. When you speak to this person, you’ll still have the option of canceling out if you need to pick up some new gear or you’re just not ready for the mission yet. Confirm that you’re ready and the next mission will begin.

Change and Replenish Items

There are three main items you will need to use during your battles against the Titans. You have blade replacements to switch out your main attack blade, gas to keep your boost operational while using 3D maneuvering gear, and a health replenishment item. Keep an eye on the two meters in the lower left corner of the screen (during combat). The top meter is your gas and the bottom meter is your blade. If either one is low, use the d-pad to cycle through your items, then press Up on the d-pad to use the item.

You enter each battle with a limited supply of items. However, you will find Logisticians throughout the battlefield who can give you more items. These Logisticians are marked by a small backpack on the map, so you can find them easier. Simply head to a Logistician and press Circle when close to get items from them. In most cases a Logistician will give you one of each item to help keep you in the battle.

Teammates and Side-Missions

In most missions you can recruit teammates to assist you in combat. While there are several members of your squad moving around the battlefield, you can pick and choose which ones you want as teammates. Each member of your squad is marked with a ranked, with S-rank being the highest. You can see this rating before you recruit them to your team. Try to find S or A-rank people to recruit to make your team as powerful as possible so you can take down the Titans easier and get a lower battle time.

Side-Missions also offer the ability to recruit powerful teammates and extend the Decisive Battle Signal meter at the end of a mission, but they have a limited time of engagement so move quickly. When you see green or red smoke signals on the battlefield, head to that location and help the squad member in need. Completing the side-missions will give you access to powerful teammates, as well as more items to use on the battlefield.

Getting S-Rank in Missions

After you successfully complete each mission you are rated on your performance. The higher your rating, the more income you’ll get and the better items you’ll receive. Missions are rated by the number of side-missions completed, how many Titan subjugations you earned, and the total battle time of the mission. Keep these in mind while you’re playing through a mission.

The best way to earn an S-rank for a mission is by completing all side-missions as quickly as possible and killing Titans fast. This means you should immediately head to any smoke signals that appear. These side-missions aren’t available for long, so make sure you head over to the smoke signals as soon as you see them.

When you’re fighting Titans, quickly look for the yellow boxes to see if there are materials you can get from slashing various body parts. If you don’t see any, go straight for the neck if you need to save time. However, if you’re not hurting for time, take down all body parts as quickly as possible to earn complete subjugations for medals at the end of missions. You want to kill as many Titans as possible, but getting complete subjugations is also important so you need to balance between the two.

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